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This Week at ISU 10.1.15

Matthew Keith hosted This Week at ISU. The stories included are Karaoke night, Technology Fest, Stop and Serve, Raise the Bench, and the Deaf/Blind Family Weekend.

Raise the Bench

Sycamore Environmental Action Club held their event 'Raise the Bench' in which they have been working on making a fully recycled bench. It is being built at the ISU Community Garden on 11th and Chestnut street.

Almost Live 10.1.15

Sydney Smiley hosted this week's Almost Live with Laura LaDow, Morale Chairman of ISU Dance Marathon. ISU Dance Marathon is an annual event to raise money for the Riley Children's Hospital. The organization has started planning more events for this school year to raise even more money for the kids.

McClendon arrested, search continues for unidentified man

Former student Anthony McClendon was arrested by Indiana State University police on Oct. 1 at approximately 10:30 p.m.

Delayed payments leave ISU veterans feeling jilted

Delayed payments for VA benefits are causing setbacks for Indiana State University veteran students.

Science professors receive second grant to market product

A second grant was given to five faculty members at Indiana State University to assist them in further developing training software that can benefit large companies in training new employees.

Mealworms able to make Styrofoam biodegradable

Plastics are convenient.

They allow companies to cut back on costs and consumers to carry their things in lightweight containers.

Don’t pack your bags yet — space travel has a long way to go

Many sci-fi shows and games depict what they think life will be like once we begin travel beyond this dinky little planet. Some describe cities of futuristic technology everywhere. Others say Earth will still be home as we explore the galaxy. Now that NASA has discovered evidence of flowing water on Mars, the dreams of traveling to another planet seem more likely to happen. But we aren’t ready to explore yet. We lack the technology, knowledge and attitude to do so.

The sum of her parts: Save more than just the ‘ta-tas’ this October

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which means it won’t be long until the “save the ta-tas” bracelets and pink shirts come out, if they haven’t already.