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Weekly Crime Log April 19 — 23

Crime log April 19th, 20th, 21st, and 23rd.

International Food Market provides students options

Many students don’t get the opportunity to study abroad, but on Wednesday and Thursday an international food market arrived in Indiana State University’s Commons.

Sophomore leader recognized with prestigious award

Indiana State University has been rewarding the school’s most-accomplished students with awards and certificates as the semester and school year come to an end.

This Week at ISU 4.16.15

Renisha Murray hosted This Week at ISU. Stories included, Muslium Student Association keynote speaker, Child Abuse Rally, Females in Technology, and Earth Day celebration. Good luck on Finals Sycamores! We will see you next semester!

Brazilian Global Night

Brazilian students put on a Brazilian Global Night for ISU.

Muslim Student Association Keynote Speaker

The Muslim Student association hosted a special event to talk about the prophet Muhammad. Sycamore Video spoke with the President of MSA, Abdi Nur, and Keynote Speaker, Alyaa Malibari.

Texas caterer cited for attempts to feed San Antonio’s poor

Joan Cheever, a well-known caterer and attorney in San Antonio, Texas, has carried out her personal tradition of feeding the homeless people throughout the city.

Google under fire in Europe for ‘faulty business practices’

People start businesses every day all across America in hopes to be successful, make money and create a legacy.

Men, Dan Price should be your new role model

Sell your Superman action figures, pay no mind to Don Draper and Jordan Belfort, forget all your other heroes and remember the name Dan Price.