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This Week at ISU 1.28.15

Taylor Mun hosted, This Week at ISU. The stories included for this week are the International Flag Ceremony, Night at the Museum, Coffee with the Community, and Best Buddies organization.

Almost Live 1.21.16

This week's Almost Live was joined by Alli Miller and Danielle, the Spring Week committees. A couple of new opportunities and registration guidelines of Spring Week of 2016 are provided!

This Week at ISU 1.21.16

Sydney Smiley hosted the first This Week at ISU of the Spring 2016 semester. Union board helped kicked off the semester with bubble soccer and bumper cars, as well as Karaoke night. Also, Commuter Services sponsored a free lunch for commuters to learn about various resources Indiana State has to offer. For this week's campus question Kylee Leverett asked students what they think is the key to success. Finally, Union board ended Spring Week with roller skating and mini golf in the HMSU.

Sports bar slated to open at 500 Wabash

The 500 Wabash apartments are gaining an addition to the building besides student housing in the form of restaurant chain Brothers Bar and Grill.

The Volunteer Fair: ISU’s way to No. 1

The road to No. 1 will always have to be paved with hard work and dedication, and Indiana State’s journey to number one in community service can only come through volunteering and serving.

ISU movement organizes ‘Float to Flint’ water drive

Cases of plastic water bottles stacked halfway to the ceiling reflect sunlight from the adjacent window, in which the sun bears its golden face. Water jugs by the gallon sit on top of an oak table next to which a record of donations lay flat. Amounts of such contributions are written out next to the scribbled names of those supporting the cause.

Finding the motivation for a healthy lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle can be interpreted many different ways. It can center on the food you eat, the activities you partake in on the weekends or the ways you cope with stress. And in the end, we all have our own idea of what constitutes as “healthy.”

Speaking up against human trafficking

When people think of human trafficking, sex trafficking first comes to mind. Sex trafficking is part of human trafficking.

Improved sex ed, birth control access can help halt Zika virus spread

Indiana and Ohio confirmed their first cases of Zika on Feb. 9. Both women recently returned from Haiti, where they contracted the disease. Zika can be transmitted through mosquito bites or sexual contact while infected.