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In response to high demand for video-based products and for real-life experience for students in video, graphic, and web design, Student Media created Syc Creations. The new, fee-based service is open to customers on- and off-campus who wish to promote their business.

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Registering for fall 2015

Priority registration for the fall semester begins April 6 and ends May 1.

Sycamore Appreciation event lights up Saturday night

Roaring laughter, loud music and neon lights erupted out of Dedes II and III on Saturday night as students played games as part of Sycamore Appreciation Day.

Weekly Crime Log March 23 - 25

This week's crime report.

Almost Live 3.26.15 - Joe Newport

Chief of ISU Police, Joe Newport talk about the recent interior change in the ISU police force, and new safety changes you'll be seeing around campus.

This Week at ISU 3.12.15

Check out all the stories from This Week at ISU, hosted by Seth Payne. The stories include the A.T Avenue Fashion Show, Mental Health Begins With Me, Spring Classics Fest, and this week's campus question.

Almost Live 3.12.15 - Seth Payne

Seth Payne, Student Manager of Syc Creations, stopped in to tell about Syc Creations. This is the new branch of Student Media. Contact Chad Clark at for more information.

Only time will tell: RFRA’s full impact

Issues arise over recently passed law

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act does not reflect what Indiana stands for and I hope that big businesses do not take it as such.

Indiana’s RFRA is nothing to get worked up over

Issues arise over recently passed law

There has been an extraordinary amount of outrage over the recent passage of Senate Bill 101; however, this outrage is greatly misplaced. Nineteen other states currently have active Religious Freedom Restoration Act laws in their state codes.

Mad about March Madness

A Young Woman’s Guide to College