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This Week at ISU 11.12.15

Julianne Mackey hosted This Week at ISU. Stories included is the Indian Global Night, the annual Jam the Bus event, Moment of Silence ceremony, and Veterans Day Wreath Ceremony.

Almost Live 11.12.15
Jam the Bus

Jam the Bus is an event hosted by Union Board to collect non-perishable foods for Catholic Charities. They tried to collect more than 20,000 pounds of food to beat their record from last year!

Opposition to president’s refugee plan grows

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration’s plan to admit 10,000 Syrian refugees in the next year, criticized as too small and too slow by refugee advocates, came under full-on assault Monday from Republican politicians who said the plan risked U.S. security.

New fall break announced

There will be a change made to the academic calendar for next year’s Fall Break at Indiana State University. A one-day break will be added to the week of Oct. 7, allowing for a three-day weekend. Dr. Susan Powers, associate vice president for academic affairs at ISU, explained the reason behind this upcoming change.

French president will visit Washington next week

WASHINGTON — French President Francois Hollande will travel to Washington next week to meet with President Barack Obama, the White House announced Tuesday.

Creative minds find escape in hobbies

America is at a loss of words for all that she has brought to be. But one thing is consistent in all that she has bred and that is escape artists.

‘Love thy neighbor’ a lesson politicians need to learn

Since the terrorist attacks on Nov. 13, in Paris, countries have been more reticent to take in refugees.

Facebook can make sure your loved ones are safe

Last week a lot of terrible things happened. Disasters happened everywhere from Paris, France, to Beirut, Lebanon. When such dangerous events take place our first instinct is to make sure we, then those we love, are safe. Today, luckily, we have an abundance of technology to use for communication to check on our loved ones.