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Almost Live 2.4.16

Michael Winstead hosts Almost Live, with guest Jennifer Mullen, faculty advisor for PRSSA. Jennifer talked about what PRSSA is and what kind of events they do around campus. It is a great opportunity for students to gain leadership skills and connections. PRSSA also attends conferences where they have networking workshops and other activities.

This Week at ISU 1.28.15

Taylor Mun hosted, This Week at ISU. The stories included for this week are the International Flag Ceremony, Night at the Museum, Coffee with the Community, and Best Buddies organization.

Almost Live 1.21.16

This week's Almost Live was joined by Alli Miller and Danielle, the Spring Week committees. A couple of new opportunities and registration guidelines of Spring Week of 2016 are provided!

ISU movement organizes ‘Float to Flint’ water drive

Cases of plastic water bottles stacked halfway to the ceiling reflect sunlight from the adjacent window, in which the sun bears its golden face. Water jugs by the gallon sit on top of an oak table next to which a record of donations lay flat. Amounts of such contributions are written out next to the scribbled names of those supporting the cause.

Despite big lead, Trump lowers expectations in New Hampshire

Donald Trump shrugged off a second place finish in Iowa, suggesting Tuesday that New Hampshire — which holds the nation’s first primary on Feb. 9 — “fits me better.”

Annual Groundhog Day event yields contrasting views

Does it really matter whether Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow or not this Groundhog Day now that Bob Guell has predicted a rather muddy economic future for 2016?

Just let the draft drift away

On Dec. 3, 2015 the Department of Defense announced that gender will no longer be considered for positions in the military, which allowed women to fill more physically challenging positions. Now women can be in the infantry if they choose and if they qualify.

Nuclear Korea on the rise

At the Democratic debate in New Hampshire last Tuesday, Bernie Sanders was asked to pick between Iran, North Korea and Russia in response to a question about who posed a greater threat to the security of the United States. 

Candidates face off at Iowa caucuses

November is drawing ever closer, and since this is an election year, that means we can be sure that we will see more political ads, primaries and caucuses in the coming months. On Monday, the first official election event took place in Iowa.