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Almost Live 9.24.15

HyeIn Ko hosted this week's Almost Live with guest, Rich Green, WZIS Station Manager. He talked about it has been like to operate two radio stations over the past year.

Annual Bat Festival

The annual Bat Festival took place in the Science building last Saturday. Sycamore video interviewed Rob Mies about his performance and to learn more about his bats.

Pizza and Politics

September 17th was Constitution Day. Sycamores gathered in DeDe 2 to discuss the Amendments of the Constitution. Camera: Sydney Smiley & Michaela Rausch Edited by: Sydney Smiley & Michaela Rausch

Funding group adopts policy changes

The Student Organization Resource Funding, or SORF, is in the process of changing some of its guidelines.

New funding process for graduate research

Graduate students at Indiana State University now have a new system for applying for research funding.

Sycamore hashtag challenges prejudice on campus

#SycamoresDontHate is a new initiative from the Office of Student Conduct and Integrity designed to increase civility and respect and eradicate acts promoting intolerance of individuals or groups.

Speaker vacancy might place House under Tea Party control

Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner announced last Friday that he would be resigning from his position as Speaker. His colleagues all said they were shocked.

ISU polite in the face of zealotry

With a new semester comes the return of Brother Jed and his crew, preaching at students from outside the Performing Arts Building.

Clinton still in hot water over e-mail scandal

As many of you know, Hillary Clinton has gotten herself in some hot water over this email scandal.