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In response to high demand for video-based products and for real-life experience for students in video, graphic, and web design, Student Media created Syc Creations. The new, fee-based service is open to customers on- and off-campus who wish to promote their business.

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Human Rights Day set for March 10

Connecting people to words and photos is one of Kelsey Timmerman’s top priorities.

Spectrum supports all students, sexual identities

Gender and sexual identity are not as clear-cut as they were in the past. A Huffington Post article analyzed a survey asking how people felt about gender being a spectrum

Sycamore Smash to help stick it to eating disorders

Sycamores are scheduled to smash out eating disorders at the Sycamore Smash event on Thursday at 5 p.m. in Dede Plaza. Students are encouraged to bring their own scales to smash, although a few will be provided.

Global Divestment Day

The Sycamore Environmental Action Club held Global Divestment Day to bring the awareness of how fossil fuels are killing the Earth. It is a global movement to convince people that giving money to fossil fuels is supporting the decaying of the Earth.

This week at ISU 2.19.15

This week at ISU was hosted by Sadie All, which features the annual Polar Plunge, a Mardi Gras event where students got the chance to find out about some of the traditions of Mardi Gras, Chi Omega’s annual philanthropy Dishes for Wishes, as well as this week’s campus question which we asked students how they were dealing with the winter weather. Coming up next week the Career Center is holding a professional picture day and there will also be a stop and serve in the HMSU.

Almost Live 2.19.15 Aaron Schaidle

Julianne Mackey hosted this week's Almost Live with guest Aaron Schaidle, PR Administratior of Alpha Tau Omega and Megan Effner, PR Administrator of Chi Omega. They gave information about their event, "Mental Health: Beings with Me." It aims to bring the community together and how important mental health is to college students.

Indoor Track Field

  • @ Friday Night Classic
    • Feb 20, 4:00pm
  • @ MVC Indoor Championships
    • Feb 28, 10:30am
  • @ MVC Indoor Championships
    • Mar 01, 10:30am
  • @ NCAA Indoor Championships
    • Mar 13, 3:00pm

Womens Basketball

  • @Northern Iowa
    • Feb 20, 8:00pm
  • @Drake
    • Feb 22, 5:05pm
  • @ Evansville
    • Feb 27, 8:00pm
  • vs Missouri State
    • Mar 05, 7:05pm

Mens Basketball

  • vs Southern Illinios
    • Feb 21, 1:05pm
  • vs Witchita State
    • Feb 25, 7:05pm
  • @ Bradley
    • Feb 28, 1:05pm
  • @ MVC Tournament
    • Mar 05, TBA
    • Mar 08, TBA

Violent video games can be a bad influence for children

Violence has always been a problem in our video-game-addicted world, and the blame can be put on modern video games.

The Fed offers a new policy for economic improvement

On Tuesday, Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen delivered testimony before the Senate Banking Committee and the House Financial Services Committee on the upcoming policy considerations of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Mars colony project to take flight by 2024

It’s finally happening. I’ve been ranting and raving since this year first started about how we’re nearing closer and closer to living inside an early science fiction flick and it’s finally happened.