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Sycamore Video Promo

Sycamore Video Promo produced by HyeIn Ko & Sadie All

We're All Mad

A student film produced by SaBrandi Powers

Where do you want to go?

Sycamore Video Promo produced by SaBrandi Powers

Rec Center offers students more than just workouts

Some students try to avoid the dreaded “freshman 15” by going to the Indiana State University Student Recreation Center, which happens to be one of the most popular buildings on campus.

Cunningham Memorial Library a handy resource for students

Indiana State University’s Cunningham Memorial Library provides students a number of tools for success.

Staying informed, up-to-date key to conquering financial aid

Financial aid can be a daunting experience for freshman to face, but Indiana State University staff are trying to make it as painless as possible.

The financial aid office is located in Tirey Hall through the Heritage Ballroom entrance next to the School of Graduate Studies, which is different from last year.

Know where to look when looking for fun

Freshmen always ask me, “What’s fun to do at Indiana State University?” It’s simple, really. The best thing any student can do is get involved. There are many organizations at ISU to take part in as well as many events that are free to ISU students.

You are a paying customer: Make the most of your college experience

Many people have advice about college but most of it has to do with what classes or majors to participate in.

Therefore I felt it would be wise to discuss some things about college everyone needs to know from the perspective of someone who is on his way out.

‘Mom of the year’ drags son out of Baltimore riot

Toya Graham, a single mother from Baltimore, Maryland, saw her son wearing a mask and throwing rocks at police officers and her reaction has resulted in a whirlwind of media coverage, interviews and praise.