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This Week at ISU 10.1.15

Matthew Keith hosted This Week at ISU. The stories included are Karaoke night, Technology Fest, Stop and Serve, Raise the Bench, and the Deaf/Blind Family Weekend.

Raise the Bench

Sycamore Environmental Action Club held their event 'Raise the Bench' in which they have been working on making a fully recycled bench. It is being built at the ISU Community Garden on 11th and Chestnut street.

Almost Live 10.1.15

Sydney Smiley hosted this week's Almost Live with Laura LaDow, Morale Chairman of ISU Dance Marathon. ISU Dance Marathon is an annual event to raise money for the Riley Children's Hospital. The organization has started planning more events for this school year to raise even more money for the kids.

NAMI holds panel to discuss stigma against mental illnesses

The National Alliance on Mental Illness held an on campus panel discussion in the Cunningham Memorial Library Tuesday in support of Mental Awareness Week.

McClendon arrested, search continues for unidentified man

Former student Anthony McClendon was arrested by Indiana State University police on Oct. 1 at approximately 10:30 p.m.

Delayed payments leave ISU veterans feeling jilted

Delayed payments for VA benefits are causing setbacks for Indiana State University veteran students.

A higher minimum wage offers a better life

Some fights will always be needed. Often we get tired of hearing arguments of raising the minimum wage, but the end result would be the greatest blessing to come into so many people’s lives, saving them from so much struggle they may have endured.

Oregon shooting fallout demands stricter gun control

When the shooting stopped at 10:48, 10 people (including the shooter) were dead and nine were injured. On the shooter’s person, police found five handguns and an AR-15, as well as a flak jacket and ammunition, which indicate that he was ready for a firefight.

Move aside, Carson is on the rise

Ben Carson is not your normal presidential candidate. He is one of the three “outsider candidates” running for the Republican spot in the General Election.