Sycamore Video Rewind

Sara Mundorf and Rich Green are this weeks host for Sycamore Video Rewind, a compulation of popular music videos from the 1980's. Videos discussed includes the late great David Bowie's "Let's Dance", Janet Jackson's "Nasty", Steve Winwood's "Higher Love", and Paula Abdul's "Cold Hearted".

This Week at ISU 1.28.15

Taylor Mun hosted, This Week at ISU. The stories included for this week are the International Flag Ceremony, Night at the Museum, Coffee with the Community, and Best Buddies organization.

Almost Live 1.21.16

This week's Almost Live was joined by Alli Miller and Danielle, the Spring Week committees. A couple of new opportunities and registration guidelines of Spring Week of 2016 are provided!

Geology students land national conference spot

Indiana State University geology students’ collaboration with an alumnus will be presented at the Geological Society of America in October and the Indiana Academy of Science in March.

Fat Tuesday Fun

Students crowded the Dedes in Hulman Memorial Student Union to attend a Mardi Gras celebration where they enjoyed some of the long-standing traditions such as King Cake, jambalaya and festive music.

Email system restructure will reduce inbox clutter

Indiana State University is implementing a new requirement to improve the way e-mails are handled. The change will impact faculty, staff and students whose emails use

Sanders trumps Clinton in New Hampshire

No one can deny it; primary elections are important. Primaries are instrumental in both parties’ decisions when choosing who to nominate for president. In a primary, voters choose which candidate they want a delegate to vote for. Those delegates then go to the party’s national convention, where votes are cast for that party’s presidential nomination.

Legalize hemp with health benefits

Recognizing cannabis isn’t harmful enough to warrant its criminalization, Colorado was the first state to legalize it for recreational use in 2012.

Comments state that ads and should be more diverse

I came across a book in the library this past week entitled “Global Perspectives on America.”