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This Week at ISU 1.28.15

Taylor Mun hosted, This Week at ISU. The stories included for this week are the International Flag Ceremony, Night at the Museum, Coffee with the Community, and Best Buddies organization.

Almost Live 1.21.16

This week's Almost Live was joined by Alli Miller and Danielle, the Spring Week committees. A couple of new opportunities and registration guidelines of Spring Week of 2016 are provided!

This Week at ISU 1.21.16

Sydney Smiley hosted the first This Week at ISU of the Spring 2016 semester. Union board helped kicked off the semester with bubble soccer and bumper cars, as well as Karaoke night. Also, Commuter Services sponsored a free lunch for commuters to learn about various resources Indiana State has to offer. For this week's campus question Kylee Leverett asked students what they think is the key to success. Finally, Union board ended Spring Week with roller skating and mini golf in the HMSU.

Despite big lead, Trump lowers expectations in New Hampshire

Donald Trump shrugged off a second place finish in Iowa, suggesting Tuesday that New Hampshire — which holds the nation’s first primary on Feb. 9 — “fits me better.”

Andy Morgan tapped as dean of students

Andy Morgan has been named dean of students at Indiana State University. Morgan comes to Indiana State from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, where he has held a variety of administrative roles in student affairs during the past 18 years, including acting associate dean of students since 2013.

Lawyer says racial epithets and harassment at San Jose State were ‘pranks’

Lawyers for three former San Jose State University students whose allegedly racist behavior toward their African-American roommate in 2013 sparked community outrage and an apology from the university president, described their clients’ conduct Monday as merely part of a “prank war gone too far.”

Good news for Ted Cruz

With Senator Ted Cruz coming out victorious in the Iowa Caucus on Monday it is no surprise that Donald Trump isn’t handling his loss very well.

Social norms that I could and would rather do without

People are taught to follow a specific code of behavior around their peers, and many of these societal rules are obeyed without examination. I’ve started questioning some of the social norms we created and realized that a number of them serve no function in interpersonal interaction.

Don’t sell yourself short: How to craft the perfect resume

A great resume can be the golden ticket to the job of your dreams. As a place for awards, accomplishments and skills, this piece of paper acts as an advertisement that can put you on the market as an amiable employee.