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In response to high demand for video-based products and for real-life experience for students in video, graphic, and web design, Student Media created Syc Creations. The new, fee-based service is open to customers on- and off-campus who wish to promote their business.

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Know your IX event supports assault survivors

Know Your IX took place on Wednesday as a part of Sexual Assault Awareness month.

ISU celebrates Earth Day with live music, food on the quad

Students were able to enjoy the weather on Wednesday while learning about sustainability.

Indiana State professor builds her way to the top

Bodybuilding may be known to most people as strictly men competing against other men, but one Indiana State University professor is out to prove them wrong.

Brazilian Global Night

Brazilian students put on a Brazilian Global Night for ISU.

Muslim Student Association Keynote Speaker

The Muslim Student association hosted a special event to talk about the prophet Muhammad. Sycamore Video spoke with the President of MSA, Abdi Nur, and Keynote Speaker, Alyaa Malibari.

Campus Question-Fountain Renovation

Sycamore Video asked students what they think about the fountain renovation.

Hillary Clinton promises more for the middle class

Hillary Clinton’s announcement that she is running for president did not surprise anyone, but her official entry into the race can still be marked as fresh and invigorating.

Republican party sports more diverse candidates

In some form or another, the Republican Party gets associated with being the party of the old white men, or the party of establishment, while the Democratic Party is “usually” the party of the young politicians and/or minorities.

Employers won’t appreciate a face tattoo

When an employer sees a tattoo on your face, what message does that send them? Although we claim that we cannot discriminate, we still do.