ISU Student Media :

Hulman Center renovations costing more than expected

The budget for potential Hulman Center renovations may cost Indiana State University more than originally planned.

Union Board Banquet celebrates end of the year

Students and faculty celebrated the end of the year for the Hulman Memorial Student Union Board.

Indiana State grad student awarded NSF fellowship

With the recent award of a National Science Foundation pre-doctoral fellowship to a Sycamore, Indiana State University is now mentioned in the same breath as Harvard and Princeton.

This Week at ISU 4.16.15

Renisha Murray hosted This Week at ISU. Stories included, Muslium Student Association keynote speaker, Child Abuse Rally, Females in Technology, and Earth Day celebration. Good luck on Finals Sycamores! We will see you next semester!

Brazilian Global Night

Brazilian students put on a Brazilian Global Night for ISU.

Muslim Student Association Keynote Speaker

The Muslim Student association hosted a special event to talk about the prophet Muhammad. Sycamore Video spoke with the President of MSA, Abdi Nur, and Keynote Speaker, Alyaa Malibari.

TANF restricts certain welfare spending

Earlier this month, Kansas issued a new law that restricts people’s use of welfare money. 

Road construction hits a speed bump

How many times have you traveled around town and noticed how bad the roads are?

Exercising outside prevents wasting money at the gym

It’s springtime once again. The weather is getting nicer and we don’t have to wear as many layers. The temperature warms up and the semester is almost over.