This Week at ISU 10.1.15

Matthew Keith hosted This Week at ISU. The stories included are Karaoke night, Technology Fest, Stop and Serve, Raise the Bench, and the Deaf/Blind Family Weekend.

Raise the Bench

Sycamore Environmental Action Club held their event 'Raise the Bench' in which they have been working on making a fully recycled bench. It is being built at the ISU Community Garden on 11th and Chestnut street.

Almost Live 10.1.15

Sydney Smiley hosted this week's Almost Live with Laura LaDow, Morale Chairman of ISU Dance Marathon. ISU Dance Marathon is an annual event to raise money for the Riley Children's Hospital. The organization has started planning more events for this school year to raise even more money for the kids.

China plans to commit to climate change promises

Think of the irony, if the push that finally makes the United States a world leader in combating climate change comes from … China.

‘He Named Me Malala’ is moving portrait of Nobel-winning teen

LOS ANGELES — Moviegoers hankering for a female superhero film needn’t wait for “Wonder Woman.” A big screen heroine of astounding power is swooping into theaters, caped in a hijab, a backpack full of books slung over her shoulder, a crooked smile the reminder of her fearlessness.

Free-speech clashes rise on campuses

HACKENSACK, N.J. — At Montclair State University, a student group was fined and sanctioned for handing out pro-Palestine brochures. At Rutgers University, officials faced a federal complaint alleging they didn’t do enough to protect students who were bullied over their support for Israel.

Trump’s tax plan will benefit nobody but himself

On Sept. 28, Donald Trump announced his tax plan, which, according to his website, provides “the lowest tax rate since World War II.” When he announced the plan, he said, “It’ll grow the American economy at a level that it hasn’t seen for decades, and all of this does not add to our debt or our deficit.” But it does add to the deficit. In fact, it adds about $11.98 trillion.

How to improve your grades

Judgment day has fallen upon us: interim grades.

Speaker vacancy might place House under Tea Party control

Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner announced last Friday that he would be resigning from his position as Speaker. His colleagues all said they were shocked.