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In response to high demand for video-based products and for real-life experience for students in video, graphic, and web design, Student Media created Syc Creations. The new, fee-based service is open to customers on- and off-campus who wish to promote their business.

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ISU to see updated entrance in near future

The intersection at Third and Chestnut is set to become Indiana State University’s official entrance.

Free STD testing for all college students

Planned Parenthood will be providing free Sexually Transmitted Disease testing from April 20 through 25 and college students are welcome to go.

Sycamore Sparkette becomes an NFL Cheerleader

Senior Sparkette Leslie Ann Lindsay’s dream came true. She will join former Sparkette Stefanie Blesch as an Indianapolis Colts cheerleader.

Brazilian Global Night

Brazilian students put on a Brazilian Global Night for ISU.

Muslim Student Association Keynote Speaker

The Muslim Student association hosted a special event to talk about the prophet Muhammad. Sycamore Video spoke with the President of MSA, Abdi Nur, and Keynote Speaker, Alyaa Malibari.

Campus Question-Fountain Renovation

Sycamore Video asked students what they think about the fountain renovation.

How to spring clean your bad health habits

April showers bring May flowers, and spring brings the remorse of Christmas cookies past — we are not bears. 

Why lowering the drinking age would be a bad idea

Lowering the drinking age is a big topic in some of today’s debates. Some think that the age for alcohol consumption should be lowered. I believe strongly it should not be lowered, but many disagree with me.

Project called ‘BigNeuron’ aims to understand the brain

For a long time scientists have been trying to unravel the mysteries of the human mind. How does it function?