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Community convenes for coffee, culture

Students and locals have taken to displaying their creative talents at Tator and Joe’s open mic night. The cafe offers performances as well as food and coffee.

Printing problem prevention a piece of cake

With classes are in full swing, students find themselves back to using printers all across Indiana State University’s campus. Whether it is printing out a reading to bring to class, printing out written assignments or even re-printing that syllabus that got misplaced, students have come to rely on the student printers.

ISU prepares for Statesman Towers demolition

Indiana State University has begun preparations to demolish the Statesman Towers in a project that won’t be finished until October of this year.

Students named Missouri Valley Conference athletes of the week

Indiana State University junior Adarius Washington and junior Katie Wise were named Missouri Valley Conference Athletes of the Week in track and field for their performances at the Notre Dame Invitational Saturday, the league announced Jan. 27.

Sycamore men and women finish near the top in weekend invitational

Indiana State University’s track and field team won seven events with the men taking third and the women fourth at the Notre Dame Invitational Saturday.

Sycamore women fall in two weekend games

Sycamore Women's Basketball back to back games.

AI advances may blur the line between man and machine

It’s finally 2015, the year that we are supposed to have flying cars and hover boards but all we get is $10 million to artificial intelligence.

‘Guilty until proven innocent’: America’s new court policy?

The American court system was founded upon the idea that everyone deserves a fair chance, not only in normal life but also in the court systems.

Joining a sorority shouldn’t define your college career

More often than not, we let emotions get the best of ourselves. We become easily consumed by drama, petty jealousy and competition, allowing it to control our time and expel our energy.

Sorority legacy continues to stand tall

Not every organization can boast a legacy lasting over a century, but Indiana State University’s Alpha Omicron Pi can — and they’re still going strong today.

‘Africa Live’ proves anyone can dance

Dance styles from two different continents have a commonality among three dance instructors at Indiana State University — lyrical movement is so integral to their lives, it’s like speaking.

Professor raises money, awareness for homeland

Soulaf Abas, Syrian artist, Indiana State graduate and adjunct art professor, just wants to make the world a more beautiful place.

The 29-year-old was born and raised in Damascus, Syria, though she earned both her MFA and BFA at ISU. Six months after she started graduate school at ISU, however, her homeland became a war zone.  

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