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Students use social media to promote profession

Indiana State University graduate students in athletic training are working with faculty to raise awareness about political issues in their field through a social media campaign called Athletic Trainers 4 Athletic Trainers.

Prescription disposal program explores drug dangers

Candace Florence, the Prescription Drug Abuse Coordinator, and Brandon Halleck, chief operating officer at Chances for Youth, both teamed up to collect expired or unused medication from students and the community at Indiana State University this past week.

Housing lottery “Mangled”

University Honors Program Director says changes in housing selection system were poorly announced and put his program at a disadvantage.

Sycamores scorch competition at Illinois Twilight

The Sycamore women’s track and field team dominated the field and the men were second on a warm and windy night at the Illinois Twilight meet in Champaign, Ill.

Sycamore baseball falters against Indiana

Indiana State scored first, but Indiana University scored eight unanswered and held off a Sycamore rally late in the game as the 23rd-ranked Hoosiers defeated Indiana State 8-4 in a mid-week non-conference battle.

Sycamore Football hosts golf outing, networking banquet

The Indiana State football program, under the direction of head coach Mike Sanford, is hosting The 8th Annual Indiana State Football Golf Outing on Saturday, April 26 at the Hulman Links Golf Course.

Letter to the editor: Bethany Alkire

The topic of concealed carry on campus invokes strong emotions on both sides of the debate. Gun control may have become a cliched debate, but nothing is going to change when eyes are rolled and the topic is avoided.

Quantum dots: future of clean energy for technology

The company StoreDot has created this new revolutionary fast-charging battery technology utilizing quantum dots. Our society hasn’t been this close to science fiction since we went to the moon.

Music: Digital or Old-Style?

So we asked students what they prefer. Here’s what they said.

Math and writing centers aids Sycamore students

Many students don’t realize the educational resources available to them all over Indiana State’s campus. Among these resources, the Math and Writing Center helps students with two core subjects at all levels of skill.

Indiana State students starting to worry about finals

Whether it’s help this semester or advice for the next, Indianan State provides many programs to help students improve their grades and develop better study skills.

Coffee Grounds reopens

On the corner of 5th and Wabash Avenue, nestled between Saratoga’s and Smoke N Peace, sits one of the true gems of downtown Terre Haute: The Coffee Grounds.

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