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ISU Lip Rippers win Ice Box trophy at fishing tournament

Indiana State University’s “Sycamore Lip Rippers” intramural fishing club won the Ice Box trophy at a statewide collegiate fishing tournament earlier this month.

International travel offers opportunity, changes lives

Every year, hundreds of students leave Indiana State to go on their own adventures from the lush hills of Ireland to the historic towns of Italy.

S.A.A.S., B.O.M.B. to honor faculty and alumni

The Student African American Sisterhood and Black Optimistic Men and Brothers will be holding their third annual awards banquet for faculty, alumni and graduate students this Wednesday.

Sycamores swing and miss on road trip to Canisius College

The Sycamores traveled to Canisius College over the weekend and returned with just one win from the three-game series.

Sycamores couldn’t brave Bradley’s bats

This past weekend, the Indiana State women’s softball team battled the Bradley Braves in a three game home stand.

Sycamore Basketball loses assistant coach to Bowling Green

Indiana State head basketball coach Greg Lansing announced on April 18 that David Ragland has resigned as assistant coach to take a similar position at Bowling Green University.

Bundy creates militia to fight for freeloading ways

Every now and again there are those stories that, despite how “overdone” they might be, I just have to write something about, and the story of Cliven Bundy is just that.

Telemedicine: health care from afar, failing up close

On the forefront of medical discussion is the Affordable Care Act and the impact it will have on the country and medical community, but there is more than just policy happening in present day.

Oversharing: find the line between mystery and open-book

Most of us guys have a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where we share our life experiences to an audience that we call “friends” or “followers.”

Indiana State instructor instills love for dance

Teresa McCullough is leaving her humble mark on what she knows and loves best by teaching dozens of students the art of dance.

Wrongfully-convicted men speak at Indiana State

For the first time since being found not guilty of killing his family, David Camm will publicly discuss his trials, time in prison and his acquittal.

Stress week

Student Health Promotions attempts to ease the stress of finals through various activities and events geared towards students.

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