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Spotlight shines on ISU’s theater department

Indiana State University’s theater department is one of the many choices for students and continues to put in the work on stage for the audience to see.

McCauley sentenced

Calvin McCauley has received a four-year prison sentence for the shooting in Lincoln Quad last fall.

Spectrum supports all students, sexual identities

Gender and sexual identity are not as clear-cut as they were in the past. A Huffington Post article analyzed a survey asking how people felt about gender being a spectrum

Sycamores lose to Wichita State Shockers

Photos by Gary Macadaeg.

Poor fan conduct can ruin the game for everyone

One of the luxuries of being a broadcaster and a writer who covers an NCAA Division I team is that I have my own personal seating during games. I’m either in a press box or sitting at a long table occupied by my fellow media peers.

Sycamores smash Salukis in Saturday game

It’s been common throughout the season to see Indiana State men’s basketball come back from a disappointing loss only to pick up the pieces and quickly return to its winning ways. 

Rude student heckling ruins bingo game night

On Thursday, Jan. 19, I attended the Glow in the Dark Bingo night at the Hulman Memorial Student Union’s Dede I. For the most part, this was an enjoyable experience, despite playing the universal game for the elderly.

Compromise won’t kill us, but a witch hunt will

Recently, meaning two weeks ago, President Barack Obama touched down in Indiana for a brief period of time. While this may be unremarkable as people touch down in our little slice of the Bible Belt every day, what becomes largely disturbing is the general reaction of our state to our president’s arrival.

Fashion that’s in: How to rock what’s in your closet all year round

Let’s face it. There are not a lot of options when it comes to fashion. We have jeans, t-shirts, pants, shorts and that’s about it.

Social networking affects future job opportunities

Social networking and media are crucial tools for success in today’s world.

Locals party at Swope for Mardi Gras

Terre Haute’s Swope Art Museum celebrated Mardi Gras with a fundraiser on Saturday evening. Indiana State’s Sparkettes volunteered at the event (Photos by Gary Macadaeg). 

Sorority legacy continues to stand tall

Not every organization can boast a legacy lasting over a century, but Indiana State University’s Alpha Omicron Pi can — and they’re still going strong today.


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