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Annie Johnston is currently interning at Channel 2, NBC WTWO/ABC WAWV in Farmersburg, Indiana. She found an interest in producing during her time at Sycamore Video and was given the chance to complete her internship specifically in producing. As a producer intern, she gets the opportunity to work directly with the news producers.
She spends most of the day between the newsroom and the studio. She helps choose and refine generated stories from news databases to use in daily newscasts. Over the course of the summer, Annie will get to watch the production of, and help produce all of the newscasts throughout the day. She will also be a part of the control room crew during some productions. On some occasions, she will go out with a crew on assignment to get experience in the different parts of the field.
Annie will continue to serve as one of two summer interns at the station through August, 2014, when she will officially graduate from Indiana State University.

Quote of the week

"Do you know the difference between education and experience ? Education is when you read the fine print; experience is what you get when you don't"

 Pete Seeger

The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.
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This week on Campus Question we asked students do they feel safe on campus and their thoughts about the recent shooting.

Almost Live guest. Dan Dooley, vice President of SGA and Drew Harvey, Director of Student Engagement talked about their enrolement as well as some upcoming events.

Host:Ben McGill
Director: Luke Carr
Technical Director: Mateo Daniel
Character Generator: Sadie All
Assistant Director: Morgan Gibbons
Production Assistant: Renisha Murray
Production Assistant: LeVon Whittaker
Production Assistant: Katie Schmidtke

This Week at ISU is about the Black women summit, Homecoming Kick-off, Sycamore Sync, and the Torchlight parade.
Producer: Katie Schmidtke
Directo: Luke Carr
Host: Michael Winstead
Technical Director: Natalie Smith
Character Generator: Katie Schmidtke
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    2014 Sycamore Video Expo Entry. Short Form Category. Produced by: Chelsey Strickler, Casey Smith, and SaBrandi Powers.

  • Defective Detectives:

    2014 Sycamore Video Expo entry. Long Form Category. Produced by: Brianna Griggs, Justin Newman, and Bruce Wells.

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