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Nathan Bayless

I've been living in Texas since graduating from ISU, working both in front of and behind the camera for commercial, TV, and feature film production. Eventually I found myself working in animation and am currently a 3D Graphics Artist and Animator at Swagger Media in Houston. Check us out on Swagger Media.

Sycamore Video was monumental in shaping who I've become as a creative professional, mainly because it taught me to just get out and do whatever it is that you want to do...read more on the Alumni Page.

Quote of the week

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela

The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.
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2014 Sycamore video Expo Entry. Long Form Category.
Produced by: SaBrandi Powers, Casey Smith, and Chelsey Strickler.

Celebrating a new school year, and remembering the past.
Check out these student productions from the last year.

Guest: Cindy Crowder and Mirjana Jackson discuss the Kaleidoscope of Fashion Show for scholarship money.

Host: Luke Carr
Director: Abby Harcourt
Producer: Abby Harcourt
Technical Director: Kyle Smiley
Character Generator: Katie Schmidtke
Teleprompter: Amber Vite
Assistant Director: Elizabeth Lynch
Video: Students attend Sycamore Sunday, and Dr. John Murray discusses the Deans Breakfast.

Anchor: Chelsea Ledsinger
Director: Natalie Smith
Producer: Melissa Crash
Technical Director: Natalie Smith
Character Generator: Katie Schmidtke
Teleprompter: Elon Scott
Assistant Director: Luke Carr
  • This Week at ISU 4-8-14

    Video: Saudi Arabian Global Night, Big Man on Campus, African Global Night, Spring Week

  • This Week at ISU 4-1-14

    Video: International Awards Ceremony, Anchor Splash, Dishes for Wishes, Mystery of Edwin Drood, and April Fools.

  • Almost Live 4-10-14

    Abby Harcourt talks with the President Olivia Finley and Vice president Dan Dooley about the Student Government Association election.

  • Almost Live 4-8-14

    Joslyn Edwards sits down with ISU's new Chief of Police Joe Newport.

  • Lucid

    2014 Sycamore Video Expo Entry. Winner of Long Form Category. Produced by Luke Carr, Scott Wernke, Natalie Smith, and Elizabeth Lynch.

  • #Blind Date

    2014 Sycamore Video Expo Entry. Long Form Category. Produced by: Annie Johnston, Jacob Smith, AJ Patiag, and Dustin Lawson.

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