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Amanda Stallion

I am currently working at One America in Indianapolis, IN as a New Business Associate in the life insurance division. I occasionally write articles and conduct interviews for an online based urban magazine called 4Cast Magazine. 

I enjoyed my time working with Sycamore Video. I was able to gain useful production and interviewing skills that I am still using today. I loved working with the other students in Sycamore Video because we shared the same passion and desire to work in TV and film production.
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"The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action"

Herbert Spencer

The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.
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2014 Sycamore video Expo Entry. Short Form Category.
Produced by: SaBrandi Powers, Casey Smith, and Chelsey Strickler.

Celebrating a new school year, and remembering the past. Check out these student productions from the last year.

Chelsea Ledsinger sits down with Tommy Lynch, the Director of Sycamore Pride & Traditions.

Host: Chelsea Ledsinger
Producer: Abby Harcourt
Director: Abby Harcourt
Assistant Director: Kyle Smiley
Technical Director: Luke Carr
Character Generator: Melissa Crash
Video: Brian Cabral discusses his 1st spring football practice

Anchor: Joslyn Edwards
Director: Max Slizewski
Producer: Melissa Crash
Technical Director: Max Slizewski
  • Almost Live 4-10-14

    Abby Harcourt talks with the President Olivia Finley and Vice president Dan Dooley about the Student Government Association election.

  • Almost Live 4-8-14

    Host: Joslyn Edwards Producer: Joslyn Edwards Director: Abby Harcourt Technical Director: Scott Wernke Character Generator: Katie Schmidtke A…

  • Lucid

    2014 Sycamore Video Expo Entry. Winner of Long Form Category. Produced by Luke Carr, Scott Wernke, Natalie Smith, and Elizabeth Lynch.

  • #Blind Date

    2014 Sycamore Video Expo Entry. Long Form Category. Produced by: Annie Johnston, Jacob Smith, AJ Patiag, and Dustin Lawson.

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