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Caitlin Spaulding

Cyber Journalist for Sycamore Video

I did talent escorting during my internship and was able to create a music video with my fellow intern that will hopefully be posted on the CMT website soon.  My first job at CMT was as a Post Production Coordinator where I did scheduling for the department, processed encoding requests, ordered tape stock, and handled any other requests.
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Quote of the week

"Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence."

Robert Front

The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.
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2014 Sycamore Video Expo Entry. Short Form Category.
Produced by: Luke Carr, Scott Wernke, Natalie Smith, and Elizabeth Lynch.

Celebrating a new school year, and remembering the past. Check out these student productions from the last year.

Kyle Smiley interviews Richard Green, Director of WSI.

Host: Kyle Smiley
Producer: Abby Harcourt
Director: Abby Harcourt
Assistant Director: Chelsea Ledsinger
Technical Director: Luke Carr
Character Generator: Jenna Drinkard
Camera One: Andre Walker
Camera Two: Errol White
Video: Shane Bouman discusses Spring '13 Softball Season

Anchor: Chelsea Ledsinger
Director: Jake Embrey
Producer: Melissa Crash
Technical Director: Jake Embrey
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    2014 Sycamore Video Expo Entry. Winner of Long Form Category. Produced by Luke Carr, Scott Wernke, Natalie Smith, and Elizabeth Lynch.

  • #Blind Date

    2014 Sycamore Video Expo Entry. Long Form Category. Produced by: Annie Johnston, Jacob Smith, AJ Patiag, and Dustin Lawson.

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