Neal Greene hosts This Week at ISU, recapping events including the Career Fair and the global climate strike.

Chris Lopez sits down with Student Video Coordinator Michael Winstead to talk about ESPN3 and the opportunities it has.

This past weekend the Jonas Brothers performed at the Bankers Life field house for their reunion tour called “Happiness Begins”. I am pleased to address my opinions of the concert because I had the chance to see these boys perform live right in front of me (or below me due to my poor seating choice).

2019 has been a weird year for music. Whether it is everyone talking about Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift and arguing whether Old Town Road is a country song or not (which it totally is), 2019 has brought us a lot of talking points and put the spotlight on some new and fresh faces. With that being said, this week’s WZIS Artist of the Week is Lizzo!

The Sycamore Volleyball team solidified their second consecutive victory of the season Tuesday. ISU had a big advantage being back at home for the first time this season. As they continued to feed of the energetic crowd, the Sycamores battled for their second sweep of the season. 

Coming off a surging victory against Eastern Kentucky, the Sycamores are starting to piece together the essentials they need for a successful season. They’re gearing up to face off with Eastern Illinois. It is going to be military day and parent’s day so it’ll give everyone a great opportunity to go out on Saturday and honor the troops who served us. Moreover, the Trees are really shaping up to be a formidable opponent, judging by their last game. They are going against a challenging opponent in the EIU Panthers, who the Sycamores have a long history against. In the 87-meeting rivalry dating back to 1901, the Sycamores and Panthers have battled 96 times with the Panthers leading the Sycamores 55-41.