Tuesday was the Indiana State University Honors College annual picnic at Wolf Field. The event consisted of free food, games, and allowing Honors College students to get to know their fellow students and Honors College faculty.

This week marks the beginning of a new semester at Indiana State University, but campus made sure to make all incoming and returning students alike feel welcomed back.

Nascar announced Tuesday that the season opener Clash will take place the LA Coliseum. Many of the fans who heard this were not very pleased with Nascar decision to send all teams to Los Angeles for a nonpoint race. Many drivers seem to be perfectly fine with this, though, as they have been …

In 1997, “Final Fantasy VII” released on the PlayStation. It’s regarded as one of the best games of its generation and easily the most well-known entry in the “Final Fantasy” franchise aside from the Massive Multiplayer Role-Playing Game “Final Fantasy XIV.”

As I’m sure everyone has noticed, bicycles are a popular form of transportation here at Indiana State University. However, as bicycles get more popular, injuries and thefts are happening more and more.

First-year students connect with current Indiana State students during the traditional March Through the Arch