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WZIS has been named a finalist for 10 national awards by the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS), including best college radio station on a campus with more than 10,000 students.

This is the third year in a row WZIS has been a finalist for this award. In 2019, WZIS won best station for a campus over 10,000 students, as well as best college radio station in the nation.

“I was surprised to be nominated for the third straight year. It’s pretty great,” Rich Green, general manager of WISU and WZIS, said. “We’re showing consistency through the years. Winning last year was great, but being nominated for a third time in the last three years is really awesome.”

Along with the best station nomination, WZIS has been nominated for several awards for work both on and off the air. Toby Barkwell and Landon Kleindorfer have been nominated for Best Football Play-By-Play for their commentary on the ISU vs. South Dakota game. Chris Lopez, Calli Kohl, and Christian Hill have been nominated for Best Podcast for “Pass the Aux” Chris Lopez has also been nominated for Best Specialty Show along with recent graduate Victor Albaine for “Shut-Ins Talk Show.”

In the production department, Jordan Anderson has been nominated for Best Liner/Sweeper and Calli Kohl has been nominated for Best Use of Sound Effects.

Off the air, Abi Scharton and Darian Davenport have been nominated for Best Public Service Promotion and Best Community Outreach Event for their work collaborating with Toys for Tots. Abi Scharton has also been nominated for Best Promotions Director. Jillian Bontjes has been nominated for Best Press Release.

Winners will be announced at the IBS annual conference in New York City early in March.

Last year, WZIS was nominated for 11 awards through IBS, including Best Public Affairs Program, Best Talk Program, Best Logo, Best Video Sports Report, Best Sports Pre/Post Game. Green was a finalist for Outstanding Faculty Adviser for Radio.

WZIS received first place in Best Training Manual, Best Sports Interview, Best Playlist, Best Program Director, Best College Station over 10,000 Students, and the Abraham & Borst Award for Best College Radio Station in the Nation.

Media contact: Jillian Bontjes, Student Media, jbontjes1@sycamores.indstate.edu