Danielle Guy in NYC

Danielle Guy in Times Square during her time in New York City (used with permission).

Danielle Guy almost missed the opportunity of a lifetime.

Guy, a textiles, apparel, and merchandising major from Bloomington Ind., and the photo editor for the Statesman newspaper, spent the summer in New York City doing a hands-on fashion internship.  

Guy consistently stands out in her major, according to Dr. Amanda Muhammed, associate professor in the department of human resource development and performance technologies.

“She was just a go-getter right away. … She’s curious and willing to put in the work and get the rewards that she wants,” Muhammed said.

That go-getter attitude paid off when Guy was selected to be an intern for Ross Inc. in New York City last summer. She worked as a location planning analyst intern alongside 145 others brought in for the summer.

 Over 1,600 resumes were submitted for the Ross internship program, and only about 20 percent of those who made it to the interviews were hired. Guy found out about the program at a career fair event during January’s National Retail Federation Student Program, after the application link had closed. The College Relations employee she met was so impressed with how well Guy marketed herself that the link was reopened just for her.

“Two weeks later I had a 35-minute base interview, and then they flew me to New York City for three, 30-minute back-to-back interviews with location planning managers. … Let me tell you that will take a lot of energy out of you. … That happened on a Friday. That Monday I got a call that I was offered the internship and I had a week to accept.”

Guy became interested in photography thanks to her sister, a professional photographer in Kansas, who taught her some tips over a summer they spent together.

“I have always been in love with photography, so freshman year, I saw they were hiring photographers. I became a photographer in the fall and stayed in the spring. The next year I became photo editor and have been ever since,” Guy said.

Guy credits her time working with the Statesman for helping her develop strong communication skills, which were highly beneficial during her internship.

“Whenever you go to take photos of people you have to talk to them and find out who they are. You have to communicate with your team. And that’s a lot of what happens when you’re a location planning analyst. You work with other analysts to forecast sales and report back to your manager.”

Thanks to her time at the Ross internship over the summer, Guy now has hands-on experience in Merchandising, which will be beneficial to her during her job search.

“She can develop her skills even further, because if this really is the job that she wants, now she got to see the inside, she got evaluated by people who are doing that job, so it puts you in a better place after graduation to obtain that position,” Muhammed said.

After graduation, Guy hopes to become a buyer or planner for a retail store on a corporate level. Her dream store to work for is Target.

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