Kleindorfer doing a newscast

WZIS sports director Landon Kleindorfer was awarded third place in the category of Radio Newscast by the Broadcast Education Association

Kleindorfer, a junior Communication major from Bedford, In. has been involved in WZIS since the fall of 2018. Kleindorfer joined WZIS because he wants to go into sports broadcasting.

“It took a bit to set in that I won. I found out pretty early in the morning … later in the day, I thought about it. It’s pretty exciting any time you get recognized for doing what you like to do,” Kleindorfer said.

Kleindorfer also works for the Indiana State Sports Network and writes stories for the Statesman.

“It’s impacted me in a positive way,” Kleindorfer said. “I’ve gotten some recognition from different nominations. I’ve had a lot of fun, made a lot of friends, and gotten a lot of experience.”

In addition to the award from BEA, Kleindorfer also is a finalist for Best Football Play by Play with Toby Barkwell through the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System.

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