Indiana State students at WZIS and Sycamore Video won five awards from the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters (IASB) for work done in 2019.

For WZIS, Landon Kleindorfer received first place for Best Radio Sportscast, and third place for Best Radio Newscast. Toby Barkwell and Kleindorfer received third place for Best Radio Talk Show, and third place for Best Radio Sporting Event Broadcast.

For Sycamore Video, Katie Higginbotham, Hailey Turner, and Gina Greninger won third place for Best Music Video.

IASB is an organization that supports high schools and colleges all across Indiana. It seeks to "promote professional excellence and student recognition in the area of media education," according to IASB's website.

Last Year at IASB, WZIS won six awards, including first and third for Radio Sportscast, second for Radio Sports Event, second for Radio Imaging, third for Radio Play-by-Play, and third for Radio Talk Show.