State DM, one of Indiana State’s most renowned student-led organizations, hosts a 12-hour dance marathon each year to raise money for the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. The event is a huge undertaking and a major fundraising vehicle that brought in over $200,000 in 2018-2019. And this year, it was led by President Samantha “Sammy” Edwards, a senior at ISU. In her role, she oversees an executive board of about 20 members.

Edwards joined the organization in her sophomore year, when she heard about a call-out meeting. She joined a State DM committee and got involved with the eff ort. She said the organization has had a positive impact on the board members and on students who participate in the dance sessions. 

“Seeing the executive board member’s faces light up when they see the amount of money everyone has raised is amazing because they know they are making a difference,” Edwards said. “And the students who join are able to make new friends and become involved on campus.” 

State DM appreciates the worthwhile eff orts of students who are involved in the organization. Being involved, Edwards said, “gives you a sense of home.” Students raise money for the important cause, but they also establish meaningful friendships and make memories to last a lifetime.