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Landon Kleindorfer and Jillian Bontjes, two employees of WZIS, were recognized by the Career Center for their work done as student employees.

Kleindorfer, a senior Communication major from Bedford, Ind., won the Rising Star Award, given to an employee with less than two years’ experience.  Jillian Bontjes, a senior communication major from Westville, Ill., won the Leadership Award, given to a student who has worked on campus for more than two years. 

Kleindorfer started at WZIS two years ago as an unpaid assistant sports director but is currently the station manager. “It is a complete honor to receive the award. I believe that my last two years have been very productive. I work very hard at the station and it always feels nice to be recognized for my work,” he said.

Bontjes joined WZIS in the fall of 2017, her first semester on campus, as a DJ. Now she currently works as the multimedia director. “Winning the leadership award means a lot to me because throughout my time at WZIS there were always strong leaders in the grades above me who I really looked up to,” she said. “To me, getting this award shows me that I've gotten to be that person for some of my coworkers now, even if I wasn't fully aware of it, and I'm glad that I could make a positive impact in my four years at the station."

“Landon has made a big impact during his short time as a student employee.  It seems like he has been here longer than two years,” Rich Green, general manager of WZIS said. “Jillian has been our one of our most consistent employees since her freshman year.  I have loved to see her grow as a person and student employee.”


Media Contact: Julia Sonntag