The weather was perfect for a late fall game, with temperatures around 40 degrees and sunny for a special game for the Indiana State football team (4-7). ISU snaps their four-game losing streak as they defeated the Youngstown State Penguins (5-6) 24-17 at Memorial Stadium Saturday. 

Better known as the Oklahoma City Bomber, Timothy McVeigh was the man who committed an act of terrorism in Oklahoma City in 1995. 

Eerie music played as the crowd chattered in a muted tone while patiently waiting for the play to begin. “The Lady from the Sea” opened on Nov. 14 and ran through the Nov. 17. Indiana State senior Sami Ginoplos directed the play, along with the help of stage director, Brooklynn Allen. Kaitie Moore and Anthony Albamonte starred as leads Ellida Wangel and Dr. Wangel.