Due to the reinstatement of pandemic restrictions in the state, Indiana State University is moving its in-person Winter Commencement to a virtual format and encouraging faculty to move next week’s classes online, the administration announced on Friday.   

ISU distributes yellow ribbons and green lights to honor veterans.

On Nov. 11, students, faculty and veterans gathered in the Hulman Memorial Student Union for an annual event to honor veterans for their service. Yellow ribbons and green lights were distributed and a lunch followed after the ceremony.

College football had played for seven weeks leading up to this Saturday, and while it brought a sense of normalcy to a world that is anything but, it still just did not feel right until this weekend. Saturday, Oct. 24, was the day Big Ten football returned. 

Have you ever cheated in school? Have you ever copied your papers or assignments from a friend or an online source?

Last week, ISU announced that our final week before Thanksgiving break is now online. This does not come as a shock for anyone who has been paying close attention to the COVID-19 numbers, which are at a current high.

Thanksgiving break is just around the corner, and this may be one of the most unique holidays for many students. Many students have already gone home with classes changing to remote. This would normally cause excitement, but this time it will be different.

It is a busy time during a unique semester, so ISU’s School of Music has decided to put on a series of small concerts during the two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving Break.