When students are on campus it’s important that they have their student identification car with them. There are many different resources that require the use of the university ID that new students receive at orientation.

Mascots are a long standing tradition with schools and ISU is no exception, but the blue creature named Sam has not always been the face of the Sycamores.

Terre Haute (May 3, 2018) - The Indiana State Sycamores will travel to Bloomington, Indiana tonight to compete in the Billy Hayes invitational. The event is being held at Indiana University’s outdoor track. This event will be the Sycamores last meet before the Missouri Valley Conference Outdoor Championships begins on May 11th in Terre Haute.

As the Editor in Chief, this publication has been a part of my life consistently three times a week, for the past year. An announcement was made to the Statesman staff recently that next year the publications will be printed twice a week instead of three. Although this does not seem like a major change to many, for me it was still shocking news that I was not expecting. Working for the Statesman has been a life-changing experience, where I discovered my love for journalism. As the Editor and a journalist, that has never changed and my passion for this publication has only grown stronger as the time has passed.