I was 16 during the 2016 election. Like most students at the time, I wasn’t very politically informed or active; however, this was the election that bolstered political interest in younger people. 


I was pretty centrist at the time: more conservative economically and more liberal socially. The motto for this election was “the lesser of the two evils,” which is not too uncommon among political campaigns. 


I didn’t like Clinton and I didn’t like Trump either, so I didn’t care who you voted for. 

Over the past few years as I have literally grown up under the Trump administration, I have vastly changed my beliefs, as I hope and think most people have. 


When I vote for somebody, I more so look at their morals than politics. For instance, I was definitely on the Bernie train. He’s an old geezer who walked with MLK; you can’t get any more equal or liberal than that. 


Now, we have Biden and Trump. Most liberals don’t genuinely want to vote for Biden, but writing in Bernie on the ballot just means a vote for Trump. 


In fact, I really don’t like Biden, but I’m hoping that the conservative democrat will bring in more liberals like AOC to produce more progressive policies. 


At this point, the election isn’t about politics,politics; instead it’s about morals. I feel like the Trump train is a giant cult and they are all hanging on for dear life and don’t care what he has to say. He could spit on the grave of JFK and they wouldn’t care. 


What I don’t understand is how there is so much evidence that he is a racist, misogynist rapist, and yet avid supporters still don’t care. 


To justify their support for Trump, people say, “Well, what about this…?” 


For example, those who are religious, specifically Christians, will vouch for him because he says he’s religious. I hate to break it to you, but he is not a Christian. He doesn’t know anything about the Bible and could not care less. 


I’m not sure how God hasn’t struck him down himself at this point. 


Another point conservatives bring up is the military. They say Trump is all about the military and he gives them more funding and blah blah blah. 


Sure, he gives them more funding, but what about when he said that John McCain, a war veteran who was captured, was a “loser,” and did not attend his funeral?


Much like most wealthy families back in the 60’s, Trump dodged the draft, not once, but five times! Definitely seems like he supports the military, right? 


One of the points that Trump supporters don’t like to bring up is the number of people he has sexually assaulted, including rape and molestation. The cases for this are available to look at and it’s also no secret that he was a friend with of the infamous Jeffrey Epstein before he had him murdered, or I mean, before he committed suicide. 


What I don’t understand is how all of the men who are husbands and fathers could vote for a man who has even possibly done this. Would they be willing to leave their 14-year-old daughter alone in a room with him? I certainly wouldn’t. 


Even if all the allegations are a sham, why risk having a leader in power who could do that to people? At this point, I think people are blatantly ignoring the information given to them. I don’t mean what is on CNN or FOX, I mean the factual information. 


I personally don’t even watch the news because I do my own research, and everyone else should too.