Joe Newport, the ISU Police Chief leads the tour inspecting the lighting issues on campus.

Staff and students gathered at the university police department for the annual lighting tour on Nov. 9 at 7:30 p.m.

This was the eighteenth Lighting Tour at Indiana State. Joseph Newport, the Chief of Police, led the tours. Mark Pupilli with Facilities Management was present to inspect the lighting issues on campus and to take notes for him and his staff to investigate.

“We will have contractors working with us making repairs,” Pupilli said.

After the group met and discussed what areas needed to be observed, everyone headed outside and loaded up into golf carts to start the tour.

The first stop was by Root Hall and Holmsted Hall. Two dim lights flickering on and off were discovered. Newport announced that these need to be fixed as soon as possible.

The next stop was on the west side of campus, 3rd and Chestnut and lot K. The lighting in this area was not bad. Newport said, “This area is much brighter than it was a few weeks ago because the leaves have fallen from the trees.”

The most problematic area was the remote parking lot between 1st and Chestnut. There was almost no lighting, and Newport shared that car thefts have been an issue in this area.

The ultimate goal is to tackle the most problematic lighting areas first and move on to the rest. Public Safety takes student safety very seriously, and better lighting across campus will lessen the likelihood of assaults and theft.

Public safety wants students to know that if they ever feel unsafe on campus, they can call the escort service at 237-5555.