Internships can have a great impact on a student’s career readiness and future success. However, the ongoing pandemic is affecting many students’ internship opportunities.

While some internships have been postponed, others have been canceled entirely. Many students participating in the Disney College Program are among those who lost out on a great opportunity. With the Disney Parks being closed indefinitely, these programs have been cancelled until 2021.

“I was a Spring Advantage internee and the program was cancelled. I might be getting a refund,” said ISU student Jaydn Lutz.

Lutz is heartbroken that one of her dreams has fallen short due to this pandemic.

Another student, Elena Lipscomb was participating in the Disney College Program this semester before it was cut short.

“It was devastating,” Lipscomb said. “I had to pack up all of my stuff in three days and go live with a friend.”

Lipscomb wants to work for the Disney company as a long term career, so this has offset her future goals for the time being.

Some students are still unsure about what the future holds in regards to their internships.

“Mine is still planning on the original start date, but they’ve told us the situation is fluid,” said ISU student Sarah Acklin.

“The internship I had just received a week ago got put on hold indefinitely,” said ISU student, Keleigh Chambers.

Some internships have gone virtual, including the engineering internship ISU student Amy Vandevelde secured for the summer.

“For now, mine is still happening but they are considering moving it to an online project,” said Vandevelde.

ISU student Rachel Magill was already participating in a social work internship but is having to make some adjustments.

“I can’t physically go to my internship at Otter Creek Middle school for obvious reasons, and the social work department has given me a list of alternate assignments to complete my hours,” said Magill.

However, going virtual may not be as easy as it seems.

“This means it’s going to be harder to connect with people in my field and get that true on the job experience,” said Vandevelde.

 “Some of the assignments I have chosen to complete are to research grant opportunities for the school, review literature about cultural humility in social work, and create and assessment to discover what some of the most basic needs are at home and school,” said Magill

Yet, some internships are considered essential and will continue to move forward.

“My internship is still happening as of right now. It’s a student nurse internship so I don’t really see it getting canceled because of COVID-19 due to the hospitals needing all the help they can get during this time,” ISU student Maddy Sermersheim said. “I may even be taking care of patients who have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Although that’s a scary thought, I’m hoping the worst of it is over by June so we can go back to living our lives as normal.”