On Feb. 14, ISU President Deborah Curtis sent a message to the entirety of campus suggesting professors to move classes online due to an intense snowstorm coming through Terre Haute.

Most professors have been helpful during the unsafe weather conditions, but it has led to many inconveniences and confusion. “My professors are actually super accommodating,” said ISU student Elise Jerrels. “However, they gave us very late notice on if class was cancelled which kind of shocked me. I understand, also, that they didn’t know what the situation would be like. Overall, they have been super understanding of it all.”

“I liked how President Curtis sent out the thing about staff not coming in if they don't have to,” said ISU student Heather Buckles.

“Most of my professors have been super helpful and accommodating, but since the university took the stance of ‘make class Zoom if you can, otherwise class must be done in person’ really sucks for activity classes and they should have taken a proper stance,” said ISU student Jenny Runge. “I hope they take a proper stance tomorrow.”

The safety of students, faculty and staff should come first and with roads icy and snowy, driving becomes increasingly dangerous. “I hate the snow because it makes life suck to drive,” said Runge.

“It’s also very unsafe to drive in,” said an anonymous ISU student. “So canceling classes makes sense.”

Due to weather, many exams and quizzes have been pushed back or look different for many students. “I was forced to go to my only in person class, but it was nice though we worked together through the quiz we were supposed to take,” said ISU student Keleigh Chambers.

Nursing majors still have clinical in this weather, making many students question the university’s stance on their safety. “My cohort still had clinical this morning and don't get out till 4,” said Buckles. “I think this is unsafe especially since it is supposed to pick up as the day goes on.”

One anonymous ISU student from the Chicagoland area believes that the snow would be less of an issue if the situation was better handled. “I personally feel Indiana, if they did better at shoveling, we would be fine going to classes.”

Students are also wondering what Tuesday will look like if the weather continues or worsens. “I am assuming my classes will be Zoom tomorrow but one class is an exam so that is questionable, said Buckles.

Stay safe out there, Sycamores!