Due to the spread of COVID-19, our daily routines have been switched around, making daily tasks feel more complicated than we imagined.

Different rules to ensure our safety, such as face masks and having to be six feet apart from others, make the events on campus difficult to participate in. We ended the last semester with switching in person classes to being held remotely online, while some students wondered if the university would even be able to come back on campus to some sort of normalcy. 

    For some, students have been describing the switch to hybrid/online class to be extremely difficult to keep up with, and the constant feeling of wondering if there is a “secret assignment” out there that you might have missed. 

Student-athlete Brittney Walker stated, “hybrid classes can be quite confusing. Some days I’m not sure if I was supposed to meet in person for the class, or if I was supposed to be on a Zzoom call. I get we need to make sure we limit the spread of Covid as much as possible on campus, but it just can be hard to keep up with.” 

    While understanding that there might be some different challenges students might have to face on campus, the resources for emotional support during this time has been increasing. The Student Counseling Center, as well as programs such as “Radical Self Care,” are making sure that students’ mental health during this time is a priority.

Professors have also been expressing their concern of what to expect at this time because it is possible that we could switch back to all-online classes at any point in the semester. 


    So far, things look more stable, and it appears that the university should be able to continue on with things as long as students continue to follow the guidelines. Another student, Ellison Hanna, discussed how he was worried that as an athlete, others might not be taking things as seriously as he would. “As an athlete, we have certain safety precautions, while others are going to parties, going on trips and going home. It’s just a bit inconsiderate considering everyone is going to do what they want at the end of the day, and not everyone understands that this is serious, and that we are in the middle of a pandemic.” 


As the semester moves forward, it’s important that as community, we continue to follow guidelines and safety precautions in order to continue to have a safe learning environment.