Indiana State University and the Vigo County Health Department have had very encouraging results regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. Both locations performed a large number of vaccinations and are pleased by the number of patients they’ve seen. Indiana State University offers COVID-19 vaccinations to students at the Student Health Center. Vigo County has offered vaccinations at the Regional location but moved to the Annex location on April 20.

The Indiana State Student Health Center administered a total of 927 Pfizer vaccinations for the first dose. They will not be performing any more first-dose vaccinations, instead, they will focus on the second doses. Next Wednesday, the Student Health Center will begin administering the second dose. Jacie Pbast, a nurse practitioner says, “I expect that 97-98% that received the first dose will come back to receive the second at the Student Health Center. Only the students that had vaccinations on Monday or Tuesday this week will receive the second dose vaccination at their hometown.”

During the first week of the vaccinations, there were 180 shots given each day by the Indiana State Student Health Center. By the second week, there were only about 90-100 shots given per day, leading to 927 vaccinations. There have also been only 9 to 10 COVID cases on campus, according to Pbast. She says, “We are very happy about the outcome we have had.”

The Vigo County Health Clinic offers the Moderna Vaccine to those 18 years and older. For those who are 16 years and older, the Pfizer Vaccination is offered. Initially, 350 Vaccinations were offered every day at the Regional Location. Now, the vaccination rate has gone down to 175 vaccinations daily. They have also moved locations to the Annex. Anyone from any location or county can come and get vaccinated at The Vigo County Health Clinic.

Ashley Stewart, A public health educator and media coordinator in Vigo County says, “We have vaccinated 58,000, and there are still vaccinations each day. We are very hopeful.”

Indiana State Student Health and The Vigo County Health Department have had positive outcomes regarding the COVID-19 vaccinations, and are excited to see what the future holds.