Thirteen graduating seniors are receiving the Hines Memorial Medal from Indiana State University for the Spring 2021 semester. 

The medal is awarded to students who entered Indiana State as first-time college freshmen and are completing their bachelor’s degrees with the highest cumulative grade point average.

It is named after Linnaeus Hines, the university’s fourth president, from 1921-1933, who served two terms as Indiana superintendent of public instruction. 

The medalists will be recognized at ISU’s Commencement ceremonies on May 8.

• Benjamon Brinkley from Chrisman, Illinois, double majored in criminology and criminal justice, and intelligence analysis. He is looking forward to pursuing a career in law enforcement after graduation. 

• Faith Eby is a psychology major from Nashville, Indiana.

• Kendall Garno-Foote, an elementary education major from Greensburg, Indiana, plans to start a teaching career. 

• Breeze Keppy, a nursing major from Paris, Illinois, plans to work as a neonatal registered nurse in Louisville, Kentucky upon successful completion of the NCLEX examination. After she gains experience in the nursing field, she hopes to become a family nurse practitioner. 

• David Kluender, a safety management major from Bedford, Indiana, is looking forward to a career in the field. 

• Chase Lawhorn, a cybercriminology major from Palestine, Illinois, plans to apply to ISU’s master’s degree program in criminology. He is interested in a career in government or the private sector. 

• Benett McEwen, a physical education major from Clarksville, Indiana, plans to move to Dayton, Ohio, to pursue a master’s degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Wright State University. He will also serve as a graduate assistant for Campus Recreation.

• Katherine McGee, an elementary education major from Fairmount, Illinois, plans to work as a kindergarten teacher at Sullivan Elementary School. 

• Kasey Schultheis, a social work major from Waterloo, Illinois, plans to attend the Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville to earn a master’s degree in social work. Afterward, she plans to obtain a certificate in school social work to fulfill her passion of promoting the development of children. 

• Kayla Vander Zee, an interior architecture design major from Cedar Lake, Indiana, plans on working at an interior design firm in the Indianapolis area.

• Allison Washburn, an elementary education major from Boonville, Indiana, plans to go on a few road trips after graduation and then pursue a job as a teacher in an elementary school.

• Kylie Wertz, a biology major from Cory, Indiana, is applying to medical school after graduation. 

• Sarah Williams, an operations and supply chain management major from Grafton, Illinois, plans to attend the Rolls-Royce operations graduate development program in Indianapolis after graduation.