Temperatures are rising, and with that, the Indiana State theft rate also rises. However, there are a few ways to stay protected. First, always lock living spaces, whether that is a dorm, apartment or house. 

To protect cars from theft and damage, be sure to park in a well-lit area, and to lock doors at all times. Do not keep valuables in cars when parked. Finally, lock bicycles when they are parked. 

For extra protection, Indiana State Police recommends registering bicycles at the ISU Police Department. When registered, the bicycle will have a serial number which will be kept on file. Take extra precautions this season to avoid being a victim of theft. 

Devan Esmeyer, a sophomore at Indiana State, mentions that he has not seen any theft crimes on campus recently. However, he provides a helpful tip when walking at night. 

Esmeyer says, “Walking in groups is your best bet.” When avoiding mugging or assault, walking in a larger group of people is safer than walking alone. Finding a friend to walk with will help avoid being a victim of theft. If you cannot find a friend, the Indiana State Police offers 24- hour safety escorts. 

Building off of Esmeyer’s tip, make sure to walk in well-lit areas when dark. This way, a criminal or suspicious person may be more easily noticeable. And if a crime is attempted, help will be easier to find. Also, avoid heading down streets, parking lots, or entering other areas that are more well-known for crime. 

Aiden Thompson, another sophomore at Indiana State. also provides another suggestion to avoid being a victim of theft. He says, “Don’t be a coward.” If feeling threatened in a situation, being brave may help to intimidate the offender. 

Additionally, do not commit theft. There are cases of theft reported at Indiana State, where the criminal may be faced with fines, charges or disciplinary action. There are Blue Light Phones (Panic Buttons) located around campus for immediate calls to the campus police. There are also RAVE alerts on phones to report a major crime. Adding, the campus police at Indiana State patrol the area. To avoid any punishment, do not steal. 

Make sure to call 911 or (812) 237-5555 for the Indiana State Police Department, if you see any suspicious activity.