With the weather getting warmer and the harsh cold from winter slowly disappearing, the question of whether spring or winter is better comes to my mind. 

The obvious answer is spring because of the better temperatures that don’t make you feel like you are going to die within seconds.

It is warm, but not too warm. The weather typically ranges from 50 to 70 degrees and has some nice breezes to help cool everyone off.

Winter, on the other hand, gets so cold that it is medically advisable not to stay out too long in certain temperatures. 

Plus, the main difference between the seasons is what kind of precipitation each season brings.

Spring brings rain, which can be gloomy and depressing, but doesn’t stop people from going about their everyday routines.

Snow always happens in the winter and it frequently leads to school closures or just a harder time going out of the house and completing routines.

How many blizzards have kept people from doing simple tasks like going to the grocery store or even just staying warm in their houses? 

Texas is a great example of this, especially considering the big snowstorm this year. No one knew what to do and many people lost power for weeks. They could hardly leave their houses to get the supplies they needed to survive.

With all this in mind, the weather in spring is definitely the better option because rain is always going to be better than snow.

Along with the weather during these seasons, there are also the holidays.

While some could argue that winter is better because of Christmas, spring still has the upper hand.

Spring has St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and Cinco de Mayo. While these aren’t all super popular holidays like Christmas, they still allow people to have fun and celebrate with each other.

Therefore, spring is still better than winter in the number of holidays that it has. 

Additionally, there are a lot more activities that people can do during the spring that they can’t do during the winter months. For starters, people can actually go to beaches and other places that allow you to be near water and go swimming.

As a kid, going swimming was always so fun because you can cool off in the water while enjoying being around other people and playing games.

You can also go hiking in the spring, which is still possible in winter but significantly more dangerous. 

For the most part, all you can do in winter is go and play out in the snow, especially if you aren’t that big on sports.

If you want to be more physically active, there is skiing, ice skating, snowboarding, and other winter sports available.

Despite this, you can still do all of this in the spring as well. Depending on where you go, there are still places that have snow in the spring—especially in mountain areas—where you can still do most of these activities.

Plus, there are plenty of indoor facilities that allow people to go and try out doing winter sports. There are rinks where people can ice skate, play ice hockey and hit the indoor snow slopes, where people can ski and snowboard. 

This means that these activities are stuck being only available during the winter, which is why spring is better when it comes to the activities that you can do. 

I’m not saying that winter is completely bad. It still has its perks when the occasional snow day happens, but this is mostly truer for younger children than adults because adults don’t really get to have snow days unless it’s really bad. 

Despite the perks that winter still has, spring is still the better season. It has nicer weather, a better array of holidays that people can celebrate, and it has more activities that people can do.