Due to the ongoing pandemic, ISU recently made the decision to transfer all summer courses online. This is a big change, not only for students but for staff and faculty as well.

“Due to the uncertainty of how quickly things will be back to normal, and out of a commitment to the wellness of the campus community, we made the decision to move all summer instruction online,” said provost Mike Licari.

While many students are upset about the cancellation of graduation and other events, some also understand that these steps are necessary.

“They are being responsible,” ISU student Jennifer Runge said. “For many students, this decision is a relief, knowing that their health and safety will not be at risk.”

This is a big transition and the ISU community now has to prepare for this change.

 “We also had to make this decision recently, as registration for summer classes has begun; this allows for students and faculty to be sure their classes will be held.  Finally, this decision allows for some time for faculty to transition their courses to an online format,” said Licari.

This decision was made early in the interest of students’ plans and the departments’ ability to convert classes to an online format.

While many summer classes are already offered online, there are still many that need time to be transferred.

“Most summer courses are already online, so most courses will function normally.  Courses that need to transition online will do so with plenty of time.  All grading and functioning of courses should go on as normal,” said Licari.

ISU student Keleigh Chambers is taking BUS 311 over the summer.

“My course is already online, so it didn’t really bother me,” said Chambers.

It is Licari’s goal for all the classes normally offered in the summer to still be available. This is to help ensure all students can graduate successfully and on time.

“I feel...that this was the right decision to make,” Licari said. “We want to allow our students to continue to make progress toward their degrees, but we also want everyone to be safe and to be able to make future plans.”