A while back I gave my thoughts and beliefs on which house pet is superior. In the same vein I would like to talk about the two foods that I can actually cook: waffles and pancakes.

One might say that because the batter for pancakes and waffles is the usually the exact same thing, there is no argument to be made. To those people I say: grow up and smell the roses.

There is quite an expansive debate about the better breakfast food item, and to say otherwise is to ignore the facts of the universe.

First, we must consider what is needed to make either item. Since both require the exact same ingredients, we don’t have to dissect the convenience of getting them.

The cookware between the two couldn’t be more different. A pancake could be made with a suitable flat rock laid down next to a fire. Making a waffle requires specialized equipment.

For this reason only, the pancake gets a point for accessibility.

This brings to light the fact our ancestors probably discovered pancakes first, which must rank up there with getting a person on the moon, in the world of culinary achievements.

The process of cooking must be put up for consideration.

While a pancake requires very little, it requires the cook to pay attention to pancake otherwise it burns easily and ruins the breakfast. The waffle specialized equipment usually comes with a timer and minimizes these issues.

The inconvenience of getting a waffle iron is outweighed by its ease of use.

We must also consider the look of either food after it has been cooked. Bearing in mind that, because of pancakes’ simplistic style, it is hard to get the perfect appearance for any singular pancake due to minute variations in cookware.

However, looking at the perfect example of each I must give it the waffle. The uniformity of the plaid of a golden crisp waffle, assuredly beats the plain circle of a pancake.

Circles are found in nature and aren’t particularly aesthetically pleasing.  Plaid is very pleasing to the eye, and that’s all that needs to be said about that. Besides, the plaid provides a very satisfying crunch if the waffle is cooked just right.  

Customizability is another aspect that must be considered for a fair comparison. The standards such as syrup and butter are equal across both items.

However, a pancake is somewhat limited in its options. Waffles hold this category as well. Going with fried chicken, waffles can be a dinner. Ice cream and whipped cream can be put atop a crispy waffle.

The options are wide and varied in a way that a pancake could never hope to compete. Another point for the waffles.

We must consider the pinnacle of either breakfast items place of construction. Waffle House and IHOP sit opposite of each other in the constant struggle between them. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I believe IHOP has Waffle House beat in the metrics that count.

IHOP offers far more variations of their signature item compared to Waffle House. The general feel of each restaurant also couldn’t be more far apart. I would go to IHOP with my family. I would go to Waffle House by myself in the dead of night to not be seen.

I believe the point goes to pancakes.

Looking across all categories which are completely objective and are not subject to any personal biases at all, the winner is clear: waffles.

Whether any given category should be weighted higher than the other could probably be argued, but this is my summation of the facts.  

Granted, I would prefer a pancake over a waffle any day of the week. The reasons behind this are multifaceted and hard to put a finger on, and have nothing to do with the fact I was raised on pancakes.