On Sept. 10, Indiana State University hosted the Suicide Awareness Table Talk

event at Dede Plaza, which took place noon to 3pm, and was hosted by student Breanna Pierce.

This is Pierce’s second year putting on the event. The event brought suicide

awareness to campus.

Bringing suicide awareness to students is really about telling people how much you love and care for them, no matter what they are going through.

This event gave students the freedom and acceptance to talk about things that some people might feel scared or uncomfortable to talk about.  This space that was used during the event was a no-judgment zone for individuals to learn about the epidemic while sharing their own stories.  “This was a turnout I was hoping for, but was not expecting, as it takes a lot of courage to come up to a table conversation like this,” said Pierce.

The table event had three main components: the awareness bags (filled with resource pamphlets, suicide awareness buttons, ribbons, crisis number cards, and candy), the Wall of Hope - a trifold poster that was designed so individuals could write loving and accepting messages, and the conversation space.

Students who had planned to go to the event added words of encouragement, and some people came and shared stories. Some students went to the event just so they could be educated by learning some facts and statistics about suicide.  Others stopped by at the table while they were on their way to class.

If students were unable to attend the event or was unaware of the event, it is possible that there will be future suicide awareness and mental health events.

These events are put on to continue to bring awareness to campus, and to help show students that they are accepted and loved.

Indiana State University provides great resources for students if they are having suicidal thoughts or actions. An effective resource that ISU provides for students who are having a hard time is the Counseling Center, which provides students in need with a trained professional so that they feel comfortable to talking to about their lives.