Since Covid began in March, commencement ceremonies have been coming to a halt here at Indiana State. Last Spring, the class of 2020 had to hold a virtual commencement ceremony. There were hopes that there would have been a commencement ceremony for December graduates, but they just recently received their virtual commencement on Saturday, Feb. 13, 2021. The University put out a statement regarding Winter Commencement:

“Due to the reinstatement of pandemic restrictions in the state, Indiana State University has moved its in-person winter commencement to a virtual format. December commencement exercises will be transitioned to a virtual ceremony, to be held on Saturday, February 13th, 2021. Those who are expected to participate in December 2020 commencement will be invited to participate in May 2021; at some point we WILL be able to get back to holding live ceremonies!”

This had frustrated a lot of students because they have been here for four years (some even more) and worked really hard to reach this point. To have their live graduation taken from them, the one thing that keeps a lot of students going, is quite devastating. One student, Janea Bell, stated, “It’s crazy. I get that there is a pandemic, but I didn’t endure all of these hardships to get acknowledged virtually. Plus the new Hulman Center is done now, so I feel like they should be able to make something work.” Another student, Taylor, said, “I feel like if they can have us come to class, they should be able to let us walk. Especially since we won’t be in one place for long.”

As of right now, they are anticipating having a live ceremony in May, but there have not been any factual statements released on Spring Commencement. For more information on commencement updates, go to the University’s website for more details.