Football QB

On January 11, Sherard Clinkscales, Indiana State’s Director of Athletics and Curt Mallory, Head Football Coach, announced that the Sycamores will not be participating in the spring football season.

Many health officials and strength and training coaches were consulted to before the decision was made, and they deemed that the players safety would be placed in too much jeopardy, as the players would be playing at least 19 games in less than nine months.

The team had the full support of Indiana State’s athletic program to play the season, but after the decision was made, Clinkscales said, “I support Curt and his vision for the Sycamore football program, especially when it comes to the health, safety, and development of our student-athletes.” This vision is made especially clear when the scope of the decision needing to be made is revealed.

The players and coaches were being asked to train, prepare, and play two seasons in the length of only one, and the first three weeks of the NFL season are a prime example of the injury risk that no offseason poses, and the Sycamores would face similar circumstances heading into the 2021 fall season.

Mallory understands this, saying, “The wellbeing of our players over multiple seasons is my top priority and is what led to this difficult decision.” So, the next time the Sycamores will take the field will be Sept. 11, on the road against Northwestern, and their first game in Memorial Stadium will take place Sept. 25 against South Dakota State.