A few months back we ran an article over the new NASCAR team 23xi, the team of Michael Jordan, Denny Hamlin, and their driver Bubba Wallace. A a lot has happened since then and public opinion has started to go the opposite direction. 

The team hasn’t seen much success in the first half of the season, as Bubba is looking well just like his old self, running back of the pact and sliding in top ten just to fall out. Bubba Wallace has in my opinion shown he isn’t a cup ready driver. 

Though this isn’t Bubba’s fault, I mean look, the guy drove for Richard petty. I’m sorry to say but the king isn’t truly a guy to get lessons from on modern NASCAR racing. Petty drove a lot of tracks we don’t run, the dirt circuit, and different cars. 

Oh yes, I am sure Petty taught bubba a few things, but he is running a Toyota car that is way different than anything Petty drove. 

Let’s be honest, Denny Hamlin isn’t going to give any secrets to Bubba. Denny is still racing against him and most likely doesn’t want to teach his secrets to his competitor. What needs to happen for Bubba is that he needs to take a step back to either trucks or xfinity. He should run a season or two with a cup driver who can actually help train Bubba to a Champion. A great example of this is Jr motorsports, they have had multiple champions drive for them. They had Martin Truex jr, Chase Elliott and Brad Keselowski, to name a few. I can see Jr Motorsports being a great spot for Bubba to learn from fellow teammates and NASCAR HOFer Dale Jr. 

Another option I could see Bubba doing is going back to trucks and running it permanently. Bubba isn’t a bad truck racer, and he would be a great fit for Kyle Busch Motorpsorts (KBM). A great example of this is current KBM driver John Hunter Nemechek. John Hunter came down from cup after not winning any races and running back of the pact. Now he is winning in trucks and finally feeling like himself. 

We still have seven and a half months left in the NASCAR season and anything can happen. Hopefully Bubba can come out of this situation with a win or two.