“Hey all you cool cats and kittens,” let’s talk about something other than the coronavirus today. If you have not seen Tiger King on Netflix, either go watch it or read something else because this will be filled with spoilers.

Also, if you have not seen the most recent episode, go watch it. The last episode exposed Joe Exotic fear of big cats and recognized that most often individuals do capture big cats for a profit.

Both Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin were handling big cats for money. Maybe, at one point, they did truly care for the animals, but it very quickly became to be about greed.

The last episode explained that Joe Exotic was too afraid to be next to the tigers that the only time he could is if one of the tigers were blind and if he tranquilized them. So much for being a tiger king.

Personally, I do not like zoos because they are cages. They are not enough compared to what these animals are used to.

I understand that some activists’ intentions with sanctuaries are to protect endangered animals such as helping them reproduce and increase their population.

However, the only way to tame various large animals is to domesticate them. Yes, there may be certain methods that I am not aware of, but there is a serious issue with this method.

Domesticating animals creates a new perspective on survival which is significantly less intense in enclosed areas than if these animals were out in the wild.

Many believe that this film celebrates Joe Exotic and his terrible life decisions. I agree that this film created Joe into a celebrity, which I am sure he will thrive from, but it also can be a lesson.

Joe Exotic was an insanely narcissistic man who let fame go to his head. “Murder, Mayhem and Madness” is an understatement.

It was a bit tough to get into and I don’t think it would have gotten this popular if we were not all stuck in our homes with nothing to do, because the plot was just so ridiculous.

However, I think we all can agree with Joe when he stated that Carol Baskin killed her husband, Don Lewis, and fed his remains to her tigers. Somehow it is so believable because there is no evidence and the series did not show her feeling sad about his death or disappearance.

While the petition was denied, Don filed for protection against domestic violence because Carole threatened to kill Don. Don was honestly scared of Carole and I don’t blame him. She does not look trustworthy and looks like she’s hiding something.

Although, other theories that are also reasonable is that Don escaped to Costa Rica with all his money but planned to blame his disappearance on Carole as revenge.

One of the last words he ever said to his handyman in the series was, “If I can pull this off it will be the slickest thing I ever did.” He did not have a chance to elaborate, but he could have meant that he was going to frame Carole.

Or possibly, Don honestly disappeared. Yes, not the most epic ending, but is reasonable.