We live in a world where the majority of the news the media publishes is negative or unimportant. We often here about mass shootings, corrupt politicians, celebrity scandals, our dying planet, and the list continues.

While negative news will inevitably occur, it is important we find the good news. Constantly focusing on negative events can damage our mental health and our perception of the world.

The purpose of this article is to highlight some good news we may not always hear about.

While COVID-19 has been stressful, it has made a positive impact in animals’ lives. In countless animal shelters across the nation, many pets were adopted as a result of the pandemic.

Increased loneliness allowed for animals longing for a home to finally be adopted. Some animal shelters reported this was the first time they were completely empty.

Additionally, approximately 200 million animals’ lives will be spared from traffic accidents because of quarantine. This is definitely a win for animals!

Likewise, because of quarantine, global CO2 emissions decreased by 17%. At their peak, emissions in individual countries decreased by roughly 26% on average.

While the world was wondering when normal life would return, animals were basking in their natural habitats carefree.

The Gulf of Mexico’s largest coral sanctuary got 200% bigger after the government officially approved the expansion of the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary.

The coral reefs are among some of the healthiest and most beautiful in the world. 

Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory suggest the U.S. can run primarily on renewable energy by 2050. Even better, the projected cost is only $1 per person per day.

Researchers assert the renewable energy will include gigawatts of wind and solar power plants, new transmission lines, electric vehicles, heat pumps to replace standard heaters and furnaces, and continuing further research.

This is definitely good news for Mother Nature.

In an effort to eliminate police brutality, Denver, Colorado, police department implemented a new program that will now send health care teams to non-criminal calls. The program ensures qualified people are responding to mental health calls, and it has already begun to save lives.

College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving recently launch a program aimed at assisting victims of domestic violence. The company is committed to providing free moving services to people currently living in abusive situations.

Since the launch of the program in November 2020, the company has already completed over 100 free moves for people in the U.S. and Canada.

After many Reddit users in the #WallStreetBets community scored big money, they donated a combined $300,000 to the Fossey Fund, an endangered wildlife conservation.

Many users contributed to various wildlife programs on behalf of snow leopards, bonobos, manatees, warthogs and gorillas.

While this is not an exhausted list of all good news, it still helps provide some sunshine in our cloudy media.

When it seems the world is becoming more negative, it is important we find the good news. And if you cannot find it, you can always create your own by donating, volunteering and simply being a good person.