Across the course of history, there has been one group that seems to constantly be oppressed. Currently, the mass genocide of Uighur Muslims is happening in China.

These people are being detained in internment camps and being tortured. Women are being given forced abortions and sterilizations.

So why does it seem like nothing is being done about it?

The U.S. has a habit of getting involved when they are not needed or wanted, and not being involved when they should be.

Albeit, this is a difficult scenario because China is one of the largest threats to the US. Biden also just extended our nuclear arms treaty with Russia. You might be thinking: what does this have to do with China? Well, Russia and China are allies.

Some people think we should be starting a war with Russia or China—not making peace with them—in order to solve this genocide situation. However, extending this treaty will not allow that.

This allows for millions of more Muslim people to be murdered. There needs to be a push back on China.

We should be cutting off imports and exports, and putting pressure on them to stop their behavior.

The new Mulan movie was even filmed right next to some of these camps. Disney was making millions of dollars while people were being murdered.

So far, nothing has happened to fix any of this. This genocide is just a product of oppression towards Muslims over the years.

We all remember the aftermath of 9/11. Every single Muslim was treated like a terrorist. We have a habit of assuming that just because a small percentage of a minority does something bad, the entire minority is bad.

The U.S. did something similar with Pearl Harbor. Because a group of Japanese people did something wrong, that then meant that all Japanese people were bad. As a result, we placed them in internment camps on the west coast.

The persecution of Muslims is not recent; it has been going on for centuries.

The Catholic Crusades was one of these events in history. Muslims had taken over Jerusalem and the Catholic Church decided they wanted it back.

To do this, the stormed Jerusalem and killed every citizen in it, including Jewish people.

Even the hatred of Muslims in China goes back centuries. Genghis Khan did not like Muslims, and he forced them to practice Mongol traditions. He also referred to them as slaves.

This intolerance runs deep. It is an issue with both race and religion; every religion thinks they are the correct one.

There are countries who are governed by their particular religion and persecute anyone who practices otherwise. In the U.S., we have both a race and religious issue.

Most people believe America was founded on God, which we now know isn’t entirely true. Because of this, any other religion is deemed as wrong or inferior.

We often do this with languages too.

Even though the U.S. has no official religion, if someone doesn’t speak English, they are looked at as unintelligent or non-conforming.

Even though the first terrorist attack on U.S. soil was committed by white people, we also associate Muslims as being terrorists because of 9/11. I think this is an excuse to discriminate against yet another minority.

Even recently with the terrorist attack on the White House, people are hesitant and even refuse to call it what it is: a domestic terrorist attack.

Even then, we don’t assume all conservatives or Republicans are terrorists, but we still look at Muslim people a different way.

Even when the Syrian Refugee crisis was happening, most countries refused to take them in because of their race and skin color.

I am hoping that in the coming months, our president takes a stand and finally inserts the U.S. when they are rightfully needed instead of waiting around for another country to join the fight first.

We waited far too long to be involved in WWII and an entire race of people almost got wiped out. I think that if we wait too long to get involved with China, the same thing might happen to Muslims.