Enock Momanyi is a senior marketing major at ISU and is a Terre Haute native. His on campus involvement consists of AMA and STF.

An interesting fact about Momanyi is that he is a musical artist who commonly goes by the name “Samurai.”

“I came up with this name because I am a big anime fan and my favorite show at the time was Samurai Champloo. Sword of the Stranger was also my favorite movie [and] it featured Samurai. I wanted a name that was easier to say and remember rather than ‘Enock.’ My brand is also very anime driven with anime lyric videos and a kimono is what I wear during my performances, so it fits that as well,” said Momanyi.

He originally began creating music as an emotional outlet.

“I was starting my freshman year at Rose-Hulman in a career that I wasn’t very invested in, my dad was going to be away for a year and my older brother was in California. I just needed a healthy and creative outlet. Writing became that outlet for me. I started and I never stopped doing it, even after things got better. I think I needed to find music at the time, as corny as that might sound,” said Momanyi.

His musical inspiration is very real, as it comes from his own struggles that he has endured throughout his life.

“My inspiration comes from real life struggles that I’m dealing with. That is how it started and I never really got away from that. Now I can have fun and make things just to vibe, a party song with friends, etc. My favorite songs are usually ones that I write when I need to get my pent up feelings out. Music keeps me sane and keeps me moving forward with life,” said Momanyi.

Momanyi can be seen performing often on ISU’s campus.

“ISU has given me a lot of spaces to perform, which I love doing. Sycamore Sessions, Bless the Mic and International Global Night are just some platforms on campus that I have participated in. Some of the artists that I’ve met, I am now working with to help build their brand because of my marketing knowledge. I love that I get to incorporate what I’m learning along with my passion projects all right here on campus. I love everything to do with music, so all of these opportunities that I’ve gotten mean the world to me,” Momanyi wrote on lifeatstate’s Instagram page.

Alongside of his music career, Momanyi has big plans for his future after graduation.

“After I graduate I would like to keep working in the marketing field, specifically digital marketing. I enjoy the social media, advertising and personal relations aspects of it. There is a lot of carry-over with managing my music career as well, which makes it very fulfilling work,” said Momanyi.

If you want to keep up with Enock and his musical career, check out his Instagram page @samurairapmusic.