On Feb. 19,  members of the Indiana State University Board of Trustees led four meetings to discuss the workshop agendas. The first meeting was to discuss the budget for the Strategic Plan for 2021-2025. The second meeting discussed an enrollment plan. The third meeting’s goal was to discuss student affairs and COVID. The final meeting was the Agenda Meeting. There were also recognized gifts brought to Indiana State by the Mckee family, the Alley family and the Biddle family. Overall, a brighter future will be brought to Indiana State after the pandemic.

The strategic plan is only four years, in comparison to Indiana State’s longer plans, making room for adjustments given the world’s current conditions. Five goals were listed at the meeting. The first goal was that The Indiana State University Board of Trustees is striving to expand education. Next, the partnerships of Indiana State will be used to help student learning. The goal following is to strengthen a skilled workforce and to aid the community's challenges. The fourth goal is to reinforce sustainability in the institution. The final goal is to increase the university's pride and reputation.

The next meeting focused on strategic enrollment for the next few years. The Indiana State President mentions there will be a rising number of high school graduate students dropping out in the next few years. To combat this drop in education, the finalized plan will be available in May. In March, there will be feedback provided to the draft, which will be in the form of online surveys after a presentation. External and internal stakeholders will give a response during this time. The third meeting mentioned that the academic 2021-2022 calendar will remain as it has been set. Additionally, the meeting discussed that due to the pandemic, the 2021 graduation ceremony will not be held in-person. The final meeting was the Agenda meeting. This meeting honored the Mckee family for their gift of $250,000, Mike and Amy Alley for their gift of $250,000, and Troy and Pam Biddle for their gift of $100,000. The Mckee family will receive a scholarship called, “McKee Family President’s Scholars Academic Experience Fund.” The scholarship will be given to students with exponential students and will also support the fellowship of students. Mike and Amy Alley’s gift of $250,000 will be put to student leadership and professional development to help prepare students for life after school. Troy and Pam Biddle’s gift will be a Construction management scholarship in honor of Troy’s parents.