During this time of the year, we have to realize that we are not only in the middle of winter where weather conditions vary; we are also in the middle of a pandemic as well. With the weather consistently snowing on and off, it is important to make sure we are driving safe and cautiously in slick weather conditions.

While weather safety is a concern, it is also important that students and faculty are cautious about the emails they open! Within the last few weeks, students have reported seeing spam job offers that are unrealistic. The Public Safety Team recently sent out a statement regarding the emails:

"The Public Safety Department at Indiana State University welcomes new and returning students, staff, and faculty. We have a few suggestions regarding your safety while on campus.

-Be aware of employment opportunities that seem too good to be true. Many scams ask students to deposit checks into their personal bank accounts and then offer a portion of the checks to be kept by the students as payment. THIS IS A SCAM. Do not fall for this.

-Be aware of your surroundings and develop trusted and responsible friendships. Walk in groups after dark, if possible. ISU Police offers security escorts 24/7.

-Lock your residence hall rooms and your vehicles. Do not keep valuables in your vehicle.

For more safety tips, visit the Indiana Department of Homeland Security at https://www.in.gov/dhs/get-prepared/."

A few students were concerned because the offers seemed rather convincing. Faith Lindsey, a senior at ISU, stated the emails were “quite believable” but that she knew it was a scam. She said one way she knew things weren’t right with the email because the email address and the name they used in the emails did not match up. Melissa Aguado, a junior at ISU, also said they were slightly convincing, but too many errors made it possible to identify it as spam mail.

Students are encouraged not to open links from emails sent from outside the university because of malware and spam mail that could potentially harm your devices. For any further questions, contact: Public Safety, Room 101, Indiana State University. Phone: 812.237.5555 Email: Tammy.Parker@indstate.edu