Over Christmas break, I was quarantined with a friend for two weeks. Understandably, we had a lot of free time.

Naturally, I was feeling nostalgic and decided to wipe the dust from my Wii.

I instantly became addicted to Wii Sports. Being the competitive person I am, I loved attempting to break all of the records I set when I was 12 years old.

My friend is also competitive, so we enjoyed battling it out against each other in each sport. Not that it matters, but I was undefeatable in tennis and baseball. I tend to lose in bowling, but golf was always a toss-up between us. Neither of us enjoys playing boxing.

My favorite Wii Sports games have always been tennis and baseball. When I was younger, I was not a fan of golf because I was terrible. Miraculously, the adult in me is much better.

I initially devoted myself to all of the Wii Sports games with the exception of boxing, but I developed a deeper appreciation for golf. The competitive person in me was driven to beat my record.

After many hours, I finally broke my record and scored a -8 on a nine-hole course, which is a pretty decent score in real golf and in Wii golf.

I eventually tired myself of Wii Sports and I needed something more challenging. After a little digging and a few online purchases, I was able to find Wii Sports Resort.

To say I was excited would be an understatement. I love challenging myself and obtaining new achievements, so I was eager to get started.

Naturally, golf was the first game I played. I was so excited there was an 18-hole course, which was more than regular Wii Sports golf. I also could not wait to see the new course.

I noticed that there were more clubs too. But when I played it, something was off; it was much more difficult to control the swing. Perhaps this can be attributed to Wii Sports Resort requiring an additional motion sensor.

Nonetheless, my first time playing I scored 20-something, which is much higher than my regular golf score. While I was clearly struggling, I was excited to master this version of golf too.

I was also thrilled to check out the other games on Wii Sports Resort—sword fighting, table tennis, basketball, archery, and more.

Basketball has become my second favorite game, followed by table tennis. Although I cannot win against my friends, they are still fun to play.

I am not too fond of the other games—cycling, waterboarding, and frisbee. I think they are difficult to acclimate to. It also seems as though some are more leisured centered rather than competitive centered, which I prefer.

Bowling on Wii Sports Result is much more difficult too. I am not sure why, but it is unexplainably different.

Nonetheless, after playing both games I believe the original Wii Sports is superior.

Although there are fewer games, they are classic and very easy to familiarize yourself with. But this could be because I have spent much more time playing them.

I also like how regular Wii Sports has training available for each sport; this makes it easier to master everything.

Additionally, Wii Sports Resort does not have a Wii Fitness Test. I always thought this test was fun because it attempts to gauge your age based on your performance in three random training categories.

Don’t get me wrong; Wii Sports Resort has its perks too. For example, I do not burn out as easily because there are many games. I also enjoy the resort-like graphics, which is a pleasant change from the plain graphics in the original game.

Perhaps when I eventually master the games in Wii Sports Resort, I will have a more unbiased opinion. But I ultimately believe the original Wii Sports will always reign supreme.