Problems with parking

If there is one problem with ISU, it is the parking. Every single night, day, morning, whatever time, you will find at least three people driving around to find a spot with the pass they purchased.

This year is not too bad from my experience because a lot of people most likely moved back home with online classes. Even then, there are some cases where I have had to drive to the other side of campus to park.

Once things get back to normal and people are back on campus more often, the parking lots are going to become unbearable again. It will take a bit for that to come back even if everything is cleared up by next year.

Everywhere has taken big drops in numbers and will stay that way for a while. It will take at least a semester, possibly even a couple of years, before numbers return to normal.

The real issue is that the university is selling way more parking passes than they have spots. I’m already spending thousands of dollars to attend here. I also have to spend over $100 on a parking pass that I can use maybe three out of ten times, if I’m lucky.

On top of that, I probably spend a good chunk of change on burning gas from driving around and then going to the other side of campus after not finding a spot.

I understand that they want to make money and will sell as many passes as people want. From a business standpoint, it makes sense. If there is demand, you capitalize on it. From a student-first standpoint, there should be a limit to the number of passes.

I’m not expecting a one-to-one pass to parking ratio. I just want an amount that would allow me to actually park in the spots I paid for, at least half the time.

Yes, I could pay double the amount to park in the garage, but that’s really just as far as when I can’t park in the residents’ spots, and it doesn’t allow me to park in those residents’ spots anyway. It is just adding more money to a guaranteed further parking spot.

It’s another example that colleges are more financial institutions than educational institutions. There are plenty of examples that: the fairly high price versus value of food options (with George’s being the best), the parking passes as stated, and Give to Blue Day.

I’ve said it before, this isn’t just an ISU problem, it’s a college problem. Which in reality, turns into an America problem. There are plenty of predatory tactics taken from companies and facilities that aren’t necessarily business, like hospitals.

There are plenty of things that should not be extreme expenditures— ambulances, glasses, and something as simple as the Internet. In this day and age, some things should be basic human necessities. Healthcare is easy to see, but the Internet should be roped into that as well.

When was the last time that something needed to be done and didn’t involve some Internet connection? At that, it should at least all be good and reliable Internet connections.

I understand that nothing is free, but basic human needs should not be a price point.

That’s not even mentioning healthcare for the transgender population, or whatever needs that are unconventional to my knowledge. There are plenty of people that would get left out of a conversation like this.

The people in charge of all these kinds of things are really selfish and ignorant. Everything always comes back to these inconceivable ideologies of these ignorant people. It frustrates me to no end why people think the way they do sometimes, and I’m not even in the risk area too.

Nonetheless, hopefully the university can ultimately find an end to the parking problem students endure daily.