This past Sunday, football fans across campus joined together, whether in-person or virtually, to watch the 55th National Football League Super Bowl. Although this annual event looked different this year, many people still found a way to celebrate amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers having Tom Brady as quarterback, many students were not surprised that the Buccaneers took victory this past Sunday. “I was not surprised at the winner because Tom Brady is a goat and no one can deny it!” said ISU student Elise Jerrels.

In comparison to the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, students seemed to agree that he did not perform at his best. “I was more shocked that Tom Brady seems to get better every year whereas the other quarterback is in his prime and seemed to be off?” said Jerrels.

Even if football is not your cup of tea, many students watch for the comedic commercials. But, many said that the commercials this year were not as entertaining in comparison to years past. “I think the commercials were kind of slacking this year! There have definitely been better ones in the past,” said Jerrels. “I think the Oatly commercial was my favorite because it was so random and so hilarious to me.”

While some ISU students found this past Sunday to be an exciting event, others were annoyed that the Super Bowl allowed for audience members when students are not even allowed to walk at graduation. “They packed 25,000 people into a stadium, but I can’t have a graduation,” said one anonymous ISU student. “It is just unfair.”

According to Independent TV, the football stadium only allowed one third of its usual audience members. So, there were approximately 25,000 spectators in comparison to the normal 65,000.

Whether you watched the Super Bowl or not this year, this was a tradition that was somehow able to survive amid the COVID-19 pandemic for ISU students and millions across the country to enjoy.