ISU has parted ways with two of their coaches already this semester, so does this mean we may see other coaches who aren’t doing too well leaving as well? Many will say that the release of Coach Lansing was a mistake, but others will disagree. Though we can say that we have a great replacement. We also know that Vickie Hall, the women’s basketball coach, won’t be returning this fall as the coach of women’s basketball.

Are we going to see more coaches’ contracts not renewed? One of these coaches I believe won’t return is the women’s softball coach, Mike Perniciaro. This past weekend against the Illinois state Cardinals, the coaching staff made a few odd calls on pitching in their second game of a double header on Saturday.

They left the starting pitcher in through the third inning. This is where we saw 7 of the 10 runs scored in the second game against the Cardinals. The question that first comes to mind is why keep a pitcher in after the first inning where the cardinals scored three runs. These three runs came after two batters walked, when the next batter hit a homerun to deep center.

Though we didn’t see the rampage of the Cardinals stop in the first, the second and third innings were a similar sight, where a combined four runs were scored. This is when we finally saw the starter come off and not return. Though the coaching staff seemed to be giving a new pitcher a chance, they didn’t keep it long.

She was pulled after only one inning where three runs brought in. I’m not truly sure if this was too blame on the pitcher, as the three runs were easy outs that were capitalized on by the outfield and infield. The scores came from a single hit to the outfield that advance the runners too second and third bringing in one run. The final run came in on a fly to deep left that skid off the outfielder’s glove allowing the runner to score.

This isn’t the only reason I feel we may see a new face running the softball program next year. Over the last four years, Coach Perniciaro has a record of 62-88. Every season in his four years at ISU has been a losing season. Although, this season still has 27 more matchups for ISU, so we could see a turn around on the season. Time can only tell, as this season isn’t close to being finished.