The New York Yankees are a true dynasty of Major league baseball, or they were at one point. The Yankees currently sit at the bottom of the American League East (AL East). This comes as the Yankees were on a 5-gmae losing streak, though they broke it Tuesday night against the Atlanta Braves.

The Yankees are currently sitting at the bottom of the AL East with a record of 6-10 (at the time of this article being written). They lost five times straight including two series sets against AL rival Tampa Bay & Toronto. This draws the question: Are the Yankees no longer a titan in the MLB? Has their 100 plus year reign of dominance come to an end?

As a baseball fan myself, I love watching the Yankees lose. This hasn’t been a common thing until the last 5 or 6 years now. I truly can’t say I’m surprised the Yankees are dead last. They are a dying franchise that is slowly losing its key players.

The downfall I see came from when Derek Jeter retired, they just haven’t been the same team since then.

I will not be surprised to see the Yankees become a sunken ship of a team in the next few years, with star players such as Aaron Judge showing less and less every year. It’s almost guaranteed they will be irrelevant again.

It’s pretty widespread in the MLB fanbase that this isn’t the same program we saw when they won their last World Series. The team in the famous black pinstripes isn’t scary as it once was, so as a Tampa Bay fan I truly can say I don’t worry about the Rays losing to the Yankees.

The Yankees with all their honor and glory as a program are no longer what they once were. They are just a program that ESPN analysts and non-MLB fans cheer for because they have 27 World Series titles.