As the talk about COVID-19 vaccinations continues to rise, students and faculty want to know when and where vaccines will be available on campus. The talk around having to get the vaccination has been quite mixed with students lately; some are saying they want one immediately, while others are stating that if receiving the vaccine ever became mandatory for college students, they would drop out.

Madeline Aurelio, a sophomore at Indiana State, claimed that she was ready for the vaccine, just keep herself safe and COVID free. Dwayne Thompson, a junior at Indiana State, claimed he would only get the vaccine unless he absolutely had to, and would be one of the last to receive the vaccine. Some students claimed mixed feelings of it “not being enough time” for a vaccine to be distributed because the virus itself hasn’t even existed for a full year yet.

According to Student Health Promotions/ Student Affairs, Representative Andy Morgan stated, “At this point there is no vaccination site planned for campus. That of course could change based on availability of vaccines. Any vaccine site would follow state and local health department regulations, including eligibility for the vaccine.” As for right now, the Sycamores might have to get their vaccine from a different location if they desire to receive it soon. It is also important that others check with their doctor/health care provider to ensure they are eligible for the vaccine.

Nonetheless, it is important for Sycamores to still wash their hands regularly as well as wearing their masks and maintaining a six-foot distance from others to continue to make campus a safe and clean environment. For more information, you can email the Student Promotions director at: