Alpha Psi Lambda is the United States of America’s Largest and first co-ed Latino fraternity open to all students. The fraternity is working with Indiana State’s Greek life administration to come to campus this semester and needs students to join. The fraternity will enhance your college experience and will follow you after you are done with school. Alpha Psi Lambda will be offering many leadership positions, community involvement and networking events to help kick-start the fraternity. There are also opportunities to travel, opportunities for sports, and a lifetime of friendships. The fraternity also has over 10 different philanthropies and 44 chapters across the country. Most importantly, there is a heavy focus on diversity and Latinx pride. You do not have to be Latino to join and it is gender inclusive. Annelyn Martinez, a member of Alpha Psi Lambda, says, “Having a coed Fraternity, specifically one with Latinx roots, allows for students across the gender spectrum to be a part of an organization that focuses on culture, academics and community service. This gives our members the opportunity to work with people from across different cultures to work with people of all genders.” Members and leaders here take pride in this fraternity and cannot wait to have students join.

Alpha Psi Lambda is a family, advocating for Latinos and diversity. Michelle Maday (involved since 1995, a past National President and current Vice President of Expansion) says, “Alpha Psi Lambda is a unique experience by being gender-inclusive culturally based organization. We create a space for students that may feel they don’t fit into a more traditional organization. We pride ourselves on being a family, providing support and friendship to our members. We are a family here. We are also open to all students, for example, I am not Latino.” The fraternity does not exclude military, sexuality, religion, race, gender or disability. To learn more about this fraternity, you can check out @alphasilambda for social media and for the website. 

Students need a 2.5 cumulative GPA, to be enrolled in six credit hours and not be in affiliation with any other fraternity or sorority, however professional and honorary fraternities and sororities are allowed. The cost of dues is $235-$300. To join, message Michelle Maday or attend an information meeting.

Michelle Maday’s Email:

Michelle Maday’s Phone: (847)-361-4378