I spend a decent amount of my time watching YouTube videos and I’ve gotten some interesting ads.

I’ve gotten videos from PragerU (Prager University) and these are some of the worst opinions on topics I’ve ever seen.

They share videos that are supposed to educate people on topics. Many of these are right-wing, political videos. 

The videos are seemingly supposed to be unbiased, but they’re about as subtle with the biases as comparative political Facebook memes.

A couple of the videos that really stood out to me were the ones on, “making schools more boy-friendly again” and “being brave in America”. These aren’t inherently political, but they are still horrible takes.

Firstly, we have the video “War on Boys”. This video talks about how boys are in danger of falling behind girls in school. Schools have apparently become less boy-focused and more girl-focused.

Boys fair less academically than girls, which I have always thought was the case. Female and male brains think and process differently; therefore, there is always going to be a difference in the two. 

Females are more college bound than males in recent years. This is most likely because historically, women didn’t have as much time available to dedicate to education as they do now. 

A lot of professions that required a higher education were typically seen as male-orientated professions (engineers, business, doctors, etc.). This doesn’t even include the mindset that women were supposed to stay at home and take care of kids.

The reason schools have become “less boy-orientated” is because there is another half of the population that still isn’t properly focused. 

Girls still have to deal with dress codes because they can be “distracting” to boys. Even though it’s more accepting, there will still be men and some women that will disapprove of women entering male dominated fields.

Next, we have the video “The Bravery Deficit”. This one focuses on the idea that Americans are too afraid to speak their mind.

 If anyone has ever logged onto Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media, you’d see that is far from the truth. Most times it is quite the opposite; people are too quick to speak their minds.

The video explains fantastic, which I mean in the most sarcastic tone possible, examples of why people are afraid. 

They said, “believing that men can’t give birth makes you transphobic,” and “the gender pay gap is because men and women choose different professions and hours, not because of rampant sexism.”

I’ll say I’m not knowledgeable enough to go in depth about non-cisgender men being pregnant, but saying you don’t believe that when anyone can identify however they want, is either ignorant or transphobic.

Now the second claim is simply ignorant. 

In their example, if we are looking at different occupations and hours, then what does gender have to do with the differences? Obviously if I work less than another man, then of course I’m going to make less.

This level of ignorance and biased thinking is in all of their videos. There is also a video about why young people are unhappy. 

They claim young people aren’t unhappy because of capitalism, wage inequality, patriarchy, or even global warming. Apparently, we’re unhappy because some of us don’t have religion and/or meaning in our country.

Ah yes, I am unhappy because I’ve lost meaning in my country. A country that has patriarchy problems, massive wage inequality that will put me in debt for the rest of my life, and alarming global warming issues.

Although I don’t practice any specific religion, I understand that religion is a way of life for some people, so that part of the video is tolerable.

I was scrolling through to find the videos I found earlier. Some of the titles include, “What’s Wrong with Solar and Wind Energy” and “How to Fix White Privilege”, which I can only assume is as biased as the other videos.

I have probably destroyed my recommended page on YouTube trying to find these for the quotes, but they can’t live with a double standard. Perhaps they would even argue I am attacking their freedom of speech now.

Nevertheless, thank you for coming to my why-PragerU-is-not-good talk.