The Food Forest is a new project brought to us by Terre Haute’s Community Garden. Located at 11th and Chestnut Street, there has already been much work done for the foundation. This spring, the Food Forest is looking for students to help serve the garden. There is also a farmer’s stand to be built to help with donations. The new project will offer students many opportunities for research, volunteer work and leadership. The schedule to volunteer is very flexible, and the city of Terre Haute is looking for students to help.

The Food Forest’s main mission is to be a donation to the city of Terre Haute. Some citizens have been stealing food from the Community Garden, especially where people have purchased and worked for a spot to grow food for themselves. The Food Forest will help prevent stealing of the Community Garden by growing and donating food to people in need here in Terre Haute. People can come to this garden and get food from volunteers and students. There will be a wide variety of healthy foods including fruit trees and vegetables. These plants will need to be planted, tended to and grown so people may receive the donations.

Green-thumbed volunteers will have a few tasks and routines to complete. They can help apply mulch, plant seedlings, work on building the farmer’s stand, help with planning, and use other skills to help aid the garden. There are many opportunities to be hands-on with the projects and to give one’s own advice to the service. Some students are working on their research thesis in the Food Forest as well. Whatever skills you may have will benefit the garden and those who need fresh food. Additionally, the Food Forest is promoting sustainable agriculture, which is important to those consuming the product and for the environment. Many people that will need the food donations are not receiving fresh foods, which are crucial for one’s health. People can live healthier lives by eating food without pesticides that hasn’t been processed or modified. The Food Forest will also help protect the environment and provide peaceful greenery downtown. Students can become a volunteer to the Food Forest by contacting Addison Blaydes, who has been working for the Community Garden for three years.

Contact Information:


Phone: (765) 720-5553