The cold winter months are upon us and can make some people want to stay bundled up in their warm beds. But staying inside too much can have harmful effects on one’s health.

The Student Counseling Center on campus has some ideas on how to fight the winter blues.

“Make yourself get out of the house, no hibernating,” said Trisha Gibbons, associate director of Student Counseling at Indiana State University.

It’s important to stay active in these winter months and to get outside whenever possible to beat these blues.

”Getting outside means getting vitamin D from the sunlight, which is why it is important to not give in to the desire to stay inside during this cold weather. Go outside and take a walk. The recreation center on campus is also always an option for a source of exercise and a way to stay active. Even if there is snow on the ground, get out and play in the snow. Staying active is so important during these months,” said Gibbons.

A few ISU students shared their favorite ways to stay active in the winter.

“I try to walk a little bit every day in the winter. If I get bored of walking, I also like to go to my local gym. Even if I don’t get outside, I still like to stay moving and do workouts at my house that I find on Pinterest,” said ISU sophomore, Kayla McCloud.

Another student also had similar ideas on staying active.

“When I’m home on break, I usually like to take walks with my family every week just to be able to get outside, even if it’s just for 30 minutes. I also like going to the gym that’s in my hometown every once in a while, to get out of the house,” said ISU freshman Emily Michael.

Not having enough physical activity and staying inside too much can come with some negative consequences. Studies have shown that exercise and light activity significantly improves our mood, which is a great way to fight the “winter blues.”

“In my opinion, it’s always good to keep a schedule and routine so I like to plan out my week every Sunday and also plan out my workouts in accordance to my class schedule. I’ve found that I sleep better at night after working out. I’ve been trying out different classes at the rec. center like yoga and aerobics,” said ISU freshman Madeline Aurelio.

Getting out of the house in any way possible is the best way to get the most out of these winter months. Don’t give into the temptation of staying cooped up inside this winter and stay on your feet.