We all owe our very own bookstore a thank you for their Easter spirit this year. The Indiana State University bookstore put on an Easter egg hunt for students this year. 

Students from all around the world attend Indiana State. Many of which are not able to go home for holidays or even just in general. 

For some students, it may be hard to not be able to see their family. Some may become stressed and overwhelmed with schoolwork and need a break. This event helped to cure some of these issues faced by fellow classmates. 

The bookstore employees spread out among campus and hid a total of 55 Easter eggs. Almost all of the eggs were placed outside because it was perfect weather for an Easter egg hunt.

People found eggs in the flowerbeds of campus, the grassy areas of the commons, behind rocks and alongside of buildings. Colorful eggs filled with candy were hidden and prizes were given out to whoever found them first. 

If students were to find an egg, they were to take in to the bookstore to claim their prize. Some prizes consisted of Indiana State University fan-gear. Students reported receiving Indiana State rain jackets, water bottles and other various forms of school-spirit wear after they turned in their eggs for a prize. 

“I found the egg in the little garden of flowers outside of Stalker Hall. There were two pieces of candy in the egg and when I took it back to the bookstore I got an Indiana State water bottle,” said Indiana State student, Jennifer Reardon. 

Another student claimed a prize and received a rain jacket. 

“I found my egg outside near the rec building. It had some candy in it and when I went to the bookstore they gave me a free rain jacket”, said sophomore Sydney Myer. 

This event was a great one to host at this point in the year since study week is creeping up and finals are just around the corner. For many students, this is a very stressful time in the school year. 

Students have been working hard for the past two semesters and are looking for a fun stress reliever. This event was perfect for relieving this stress. 

It was also a fun and creative way to encourage students to get outside in the nice weather and get some exercise. 

To add the benefits of this event, it was one that everyone could enjoy. Even students who choose to not celebrate the holiday were welcome to join in and search for eggs. It was a great way to make all students feel welcome and to take their minds off of the stress of schoolwork. 

A big thank you goes to the bookstore for putting on this event!