A new semester can mean a lot of things: new classes, new professors and new experiences. There is a lot to look forward to when there are a lot of things happening. This semester, challenge yourself to find new ways to get involved on campus. 

Go to polar plunge in February, visit the Sycamore Outdoor Center, go to an Orchestra concert or try yoga. Do something to help relieve stress and hang out with friends, even when classes feel like a burden.

Spring semester means basketball season! Men’s and women’s basketball runs until March, so go and support our Sycamores at the home games. March On! 

Another thing to look forward to is the Performing Arts Series. The first one of the semester is Hyprov this Thursday at 7:30 p.m. This show features famous comedian Colin Mochrie and renowned hypnotist Asad Mecci. Other performances this semester include Hiplet on Feb. 6 and The Diary of Anne Frank on March 10.

Another exciting event this week is Welcome Back Bingo! It will be held Thursday at 7:00 p.m. in Dede 1. The HMSU hosts Bingo the third Thursday of every month, so if you miss this week, there are many more to look forward to. 

ISU student Rachel Magill is looking forward to her internship at Otter Creek Middle School. She will be shadowing their school counselors and doing focus groups with children. Like many other ISU students, Magill is using this semester to forward her career readiness and learning about her future field. 

For many students, this semester is their last at ISU. Graduation is coming up quick, and is a big accomplishment to look forward to this semester. 

It is important to not only look ahead, but to reflect on this past semester. What did you do well and would like to continue?  What areas do you wish to improve? These are questions we should ask ourselves to help better ourselves this semester. Let’s make this semester a great one!