While classes continue, the regular flow of activities on campus has ended. Students were asked to go home and stay home after Thanksgiving break due to the continuous outbreak of COVID-19. Thus, ISU’s campus has been left empty until the new year comes. 

Students being asked not to return to campus came from university officials’ worries that travel over Thanksgiving break by students and staff would result in many bringing back COVID-19 to campus.

Although it means that students won’t be living amongst their friends for the next two weeks of the holiday season, many students expressed support for the new measure. Additionally, in a joint meeting with the ISU’s President’s Cabinet, the Student Government Association, and Staff Council and Faculty Senate on this idea when it was first proposed in September, ISU administration says that “all expressed support for the proposal.” 

President Curtis said in an email Message from the President that she wants “to express deep gratitude and appreciation for this beautiful campus where we all come to teach, learn, and discover throughout the year.”

Curtis also expressed thankfulness for students’ and staffs’ handling of the pandemic during this past semester. “Without a doubt,” Curtis said, “we have found joy in our ability to deliver a semester this fall that was as normal as possible… Thank you so much for the commitment to the mission of this university…”

In addition to the post-Thanksgiving break schedule change, ISU has another major schedule change ahead.

Coming in the Spring 2021 semester, the start of all classes will be delayed one week from January 12th to January 19th. Additionally, spring break was removed from the schedule to add a week of classes in order to make up for the one that was just subtracted.

ISU stated that “a key way for the COVID-19 virus to spread is via travel and interacting with new groups of people.”

ISU officials became worried that students would travel over spring break and return with the coronavirus, or vice versa in that students unknowingly infected with the coronavirus would travel, therefore spreading the virus to other parts of the country or state. Therefore, for the first time in many students’ academic careers, they will have a year with no spring break.

The university opens again after Christmas break on January 4, 2021, and students can expect classes to resume on January 19, 2021.