As winter slowly turns to spring, illness begins to spread. This not only affects students’ academic lives, but professors’ as well.

Steve Wininger of the communication department has seen this firsthand. There have been times where nine of his 25 students have missed class. 

“I’ve had several students that had to miss an entire week,” Wininger said. But, “we keep on teaching those students who were fortunate enough to remain healthy.”

When students miss class, they are losing out on valuable instruction. Although professors often continue their lesson, many due dates and assignments need to be changed. 

“The only major impact might be changing the due date of an assignment, but generally those students who are sick are allowed to submit assignments late if they have a doctor’s note,” said Wininger.

Illnesses can cause many issues for both students and professors. 

“The greatest impact as far as ‘instruction’ is concerned, is when I have to miss because of illness,” Wininger said. “I had to cancel a class earlier this semester because I was sick as well.”

Given the time of the year, students and professors are getting sick all at once. 

“Typically, if there is a bug going around, there are periods during the year where there might be more students miss class than other times,” said Wininger. 

This issue is not only affecting Wininger, but also many other professors across campus. 

“There was one day I had a noticeable number of students absent. I asked the class if they had noticed in their other classes if there were a lot of absences. Many of the students said their other classes had a lot of absences as well,” said Wininger.

During this time of year, it is important to try and stay as healthy as possible to make for a successful semester for both students and professors alike. If you feel you are getting ill, try to visit the clinic on campus and get plenty of rest.