The American Medical Women’s Association, AMWA, hosted their first International Women’s Day healthcare celebration Friday in the arena. The night celebrated all of the successful women who work in healthcare.  AMWA is an organization that just started this year and has about 14 active members. A main goal of putting this event on was to fundraise and to gather donations of feminine hygiene products for those in need.  

Sycamore Shade Seekers spoke at the event about the importance of skincare and the need for sunscreen when going outside in these warmer months especially. 

Two women who work in healthcare were also invited to speak about their experience in the field. The first woman to speak of her healthcare career was Lisa Johns. Johns is a pharmacist at a long-term care facility.  

“I have been in pharmacy for over 20 years and I have been a manager for at least 15 of those years. Traditionally, pharmacy is a male dominated field, but I would definitely say that it has evolved and more women have entered the field. [One] of the things that I have encountered as a female in pharmacy is that you get a lot of resistance. This more so comes from the older generations than the younger, but wanting to talk with a male versus with myself,” said Johns. 

Johns is very passionate about her line of work and explained what led her to her career path. 

“When I was in college, I knew I wanted to be in the medical field. I knew I wanted to help people,” said Johns. 

Martina Voges, a nurse at Union Health on the intensive care unit in Terre Haute also spoke at the celebration. Aside from talking about her profession, Voges shared some advice that college students may need to hear.

“I was originally a commodity broker when I lived in Germany. If any of you go into a certain career and then find out that it’s not for you that is okay. You’re young and have many choices. I hated being a commodity broker. I moved over to the United States with my husband and started my schooling to be a nurse. It is really nice to find a job that you care for. I love helping people,” said Voges.

Some jobs can be very demanding but still rewarding.

“It is very intense and it is stressful at work, but I love what I’m doing and I make a difference. When I’m exhausted after my 12-hour shift, at least I know why. Healthcare is amazing because you have so many choices. If you’re looking into a healthcare field and think that that particular one isn’t quite right for you, there are several other ones to look into,” said Voges.