Name: Logan Morlan

Birthday: Nov. 2, 1999

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Social

Hometown: Terre Haute, IN

Biggest Fear: Dying

Your life motto: "Treat others the way you want to be treated." 

Name: Madilyn Coomes

Birthday: Dec. 9, 1997

Grade: Senior

Major: Athletic Training

Hometown: Centerville, IN

Biggest Fear: Spiders or Snakes

Your life motto: "Live every day to the fullest."

Name: Chris Oren

Birthday: April 22, 1997

Grade: Senior

Major: Communications

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Biggest Fear: Roller Coasters

Your life motto: "Take chances."

Name: Jake Maroney

Birthday: Aug. 11, 1997

Grade: Senior

Major: Criminology

Hometown: Kewannna, IN

Biggest Fear: Spiders

Your life motto: "Great power comes with great responsibility."