Charlie's Pub and Grub

Charlie's Pub and Grub is located on Crawford St.

Just a few blocks off campus, Charlie’s Pub and Grub is serving people of the Terre Haute community and of Indiana State University. Charlie’s Pub and Grill is located at 1608 Crawford Street. Charlie’s has been a long-standing business to Terre Haute and is considered a staple to the neighborhood. 

The building that holds Charlie’s Pub and Grill has been the location for Charlie’s since 1972. In 1972 Charlie and Lois Crispin bought the building and named it Charlie’s Hideaway. Before it was Charlie’s Hideaway the building was a bar owned by Morris and Betty Tweedy. One of the burgers on the Charlie’s menu, the Tweedy Burger, is named after the building’s former owners.

Charlie and Lois soon sold Charlie’s Hideaway to Kevin and Gail O’ Laughlin. However, they are not the current owners. In 2014 they sold Charlie’s Pub and Grub to family members Cheyne and Nikki O’ Laughlin. After buying Charlie’s, Cheyne and Nikki are trying to continue a long tradition of investing back into the business and supporting local vendors and the community.  

One of the most iconic things that Charlie is known for are their burgers. The burgers at Charlie’s Pub and Grub are fresh beef that is purchased by a local butcher, delivered to the pub and ground daily. Current manager, Cheyne O’ Laughlin, states, “You can’t beat a classic half pound burger with cheese.” 

Charlie’s is a family business and everyone that goes to eat there is treated like family. The food is made with quality in mind and served fresh - it’s not just good food but also the good staff. Most of the staff that work at Charlie’s Pub and Grub have been working there for a long time and they are considered family. The staff at Charlie’s works really hard and they are there for each other and support each other. They have earned their reputation as great staff members.  

Charlie’s in not just a place to sit and eat. It provides lots of fun and entertainment. Some of the different things that Charlie’s has include an outdoor space, a beer garden and live music, open mic nights, and free live shows every week weather permitting. Inside they have trivia nights and board games, and they also have normal bar things like pool tables, darts and TV’s. 

O’Laughlin said, “If we had to nail down one single attribute that makes Charlie’s what it is… beyond history, tradition, fresh food … it’s our people.”