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Bio: Professor Aruna Chandra is a professor for the Scott College of Business. She earned her PhD in teaching from Kent State University in Ohio. She has been teaching at ISU for 19 years. She teaches strategy at the graduate and undergraduate levels and provides grants and research opportunities in entrepreneurship for students. Due to her good relationships with other schools across the world, Chandra has been able to take students on many different trips. In 2013 and 2018 she took social entrepreneurships trips with students. 

Q: What made you want to become a professor? 

A: The reason that I wanted to become a professor was because I was interested in the life of learning, I always find it fascinating to learn how are people processing. There’s a lot of Intellectual reasoning and logic. Not only does being a professor allow me to teach, but it also allows me to do research. When I am doing research, I don’t feel like I’m working. 

Q: What is one of your favorite things about Indiana State? 

A: One of my favorite things about Indiana State is the freedom that I am given, working at ISU I have the opportunity to pursue research, ISU encourages faculty and students to pursue their passions. 

Q: What advice would you give to students? 

A: One of the main pieces of advice that I have for students is be more proactive when taking charge of the learning process. Students need to understand that they have the power to change their environment; students need to bring attention to themselves in a positive way and stand out. If you have a problem with a class don’t just send an email and call it done, talk to the professor, view the syllabus and ask questions. 

Q: What is your favorite hobby? 

A: I have many favorite hobbies, I have a passion for learning about other cultures, I also love to travel. I have traveled to many countries such as Brazil and I know many languages. Traveling is a way to learn about yourself. A hobby that I like to do when I am at home is Garden. I support organic foods and I like to be as eco-friendly and as environmentally conscious as I can be. 

Q:   In a COVID-free world, if you could travel anywhere and not have to worry about cost where would you go and who, if anyone, would you take with you? 

A: Before Covid I had planned on taking a group of students to Paris, this was going to be another social- entrepreneurship trip. I also would like to go back to the Scandinavian countries because they are so beautiful and clean.